Alford Cemetery

Photograph of Alford Cemetery

Alford Cemetery is situated on Farlesthorpe Road, Alford, and is under the ownership and control of the Alford Town Council who act as Burial Board.

As such the Burial Board is responsible for interment therein and the erection of headstones and monuments. In addition the Council is responsible for Health and Safety in the cemetery with regard to visitors and workers therein. Regular checks are made on the stability and safety of headstones and any found to be loose may be laid down on safety grounds. Persons are not allowed to erect their own headstones in the cemetery, these should be erected by qualified stone masons. No headstone can be erected without prior approval of the Council . Positioning of the stones is as directed by the Council and advice should be sought from the Clerk.

Maintenance of the cemetery is by contractor tendering to the Council annually. Any problems in the cemetery should be reported to the Clerk.

No unauthorised vehicles should be driven through the cemetery, this damages the ground in winter and in some cases unmarked graves near the road edges have been over run, which can be distressing for relatives.