Alford Cemetery

ALFORD CEMETERY, Farlesthorpe Road, Alford.

In 2017 Alford Town Council decided that they needed to carry out major work to make the cemetery more welcoming to visitors.

Overgrown areas were making parts of the cemetery very dark and unwelcoming, also many areas were impossible for contractors to mow.

Initially councillors in their spare time cleared some graves then the decision was made to employ local contractors to carry out more intensive clearance of overgrown areas.

A compost bin and waste bin store were made and installed and a dedicated area for grave spoil was also made. Shrubs and trees removed were shredded and the bark used to enhance the cemetery.

An intensive survey of the trees in the cemetery has been undertaken and some trees removed. This work is ongoing as is the clearance of undergrowth.

New gates have been made and fitted by a local craftsman to the entrance of the cemetery and future work will involve the painting of the archway and cemetery lodge.

World War 1 graves have received special treatment in this the 100th year anniversary. While the main group of War graves are maintained to a high standard by the War Grave Commission they do not look after the odd graves scattered around the cemetery. The Town Council have decided to bring this up to an equally high standard.

All this has been carried out in just over one year and the work continues.

Many visitors to the cemetery and those that live in properties surrounding it have expressed their delight in the improvements to the cemetery.