Alford Neighbourhood Plan has now reached its final stage before being adopted. It has successfully passed examination by a government Planning Inspector and has now been fully ratified by East Lindsey District Council. Residents of Alford will be able to vote on Thursday May 23rd 2019 whether to support the Plan or not. A Polling card will be delivered to all those on the electoral roll for Alford(1. See link below to download a postal vote application). It is vital that as many people as possible exercise this right. Without a majority in favour the Plan will not be adopted. If adopted it will form part of the East Lindsey Local Plan(2. See link below for ELDC Local Plan )and carry full weight in determining all planning decisions relating to the town of Alford.

How would the Alford Neighbourhood Plan benefit the Town?

The ANP will provide the following benefits for the town:

· Limitations on further development on the western and southern edges of the town.

· Developments being in keeping with their surroundings.

· Local people given priority in social housing provision.

· Protecting and enhancing the town centre’s vitality and viability.

· Support for additional land designated for business purposes to provide employment.

· Protecting Alford’s heritage buildings, environment, visual amenity and sporting facilities.

· Protecting some green spaces from development to maintain the rural “feel” of the town.

The following link will take you to the plan itself which you can download to read at your leisure: