History of Police in Alford

Between 1987 and 1997 Adrian Gough was stationed at Mablethorpe and covered Alford from Mablethorpe in the absence of the Alford Officers and got to know the town very well.

He has recently published 4 books on the history of policing. The second book is called "Pros & Cons" and specifically relates to Alford town, which was the second market town in Lincolnshire to receive a county lock-up (In Windmill Lane) and a force of paid police officers in 1843. Alford was policed by these men until 1857, when the Lincolnshire Constabulary was formed. The book relates to Alford during this period and is full of stories relating to its police officers and the people who they came into contact with.

The forth book, entitled "Lincolnshire County Constabulary" relates to the 24 police divisions formed by the county police, Alford being one of them. It gives an early history of the Alford Division and contains a number of photographs.

There is very little written on the history of policing in Lincolnshire and it is a subject that is often neglected.