November 2012

Photo by M & J Webb

Amber Hill War Memorial

Welcome to the Amber Hill Parish Council Website


Amber Hill is located 7 miles north-west of Boston and on average is seven feet above sea level. The 5500 acres of Amber Hill is mainly farmland with many of the dwellings and buildings in Amber Hill located on the two parallel roads stemming from the busy A1121 and the drains, dykes and fen land put to agricultural use are prominent features of the Amber Hill area.

It is said that the reasoning behind the Parish’s unusual name is that the village actually stands on a seam of amber coloured gravel and small amounts of this used to be mined many years ago.

The present population is 269 from 132 properties of which seven are new properties that have been added very recently. 

Amber Hill Parish Council has seven councillors and the council meet 6 times a year on a Monday evening.  The Parish Council is elected to serve the residents of the village and welcomes ideas and suggestions from the local community. 

The Church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist was made redundant in 1995 and is now a private dwelling.  Although the Grade II building may no longer be used as a place of public worship, there is still public access to the churchyard and interments continue to take place.   At present the parish comes under the Sibsey group of churches - Revd Rosemary Taylor on 01205 751674.

(last updated July 2013)