Ancaster, Sudbrook and West Willoughby

Photo by David Sayer

Ancaster, Sudbrook and West Willoughby

Welcome to the Website of Ancaster, Sudbrook & West Willoughby Parish Council, Lincolnshire

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last updated 22/12/2014



Monday 19th January 2015
at 7.30pm

Ancaster Village Hall Annexe 

There will be a 10 min approx public forum at the start of the meeting whereby the public can air any views or issues in a relaxed manner with the councillors. The members of the council may respond or comment - PLEASE NOTE any comments are individual views and are not the view of the council as a body, however the item may be debated later (if on the agenda) or at a subsequent meeting

Members of the general public are politely reminded that the council meeting is a meeting held in public and not a public meeting - only items on the Agenda can be discussed by councillors, unless urgent no other items can be introduced on the night

For a full list of the meeting dates for 2014 - 2015 please click on the link below