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Community Speed Watch

If you are alarmed by the number of vehicles that speed on our roads in the community, please read further… 


On the Parish Council’s behalf, I have liaised with Lincolnshire’s Community Speed Watch Coordinator (LCSWC) and, via the Parish Council, have eight potential volunteers to carry out random Speed Watch sessions to take place around our Parish.  I have volunteered to coordinate the Ancaster CSW group and my contact details are listed below. 


It would be wonderful to have a few more volunteers so that we have a pool of people from which teams can carry out sessions at times of their choosing.


A group of at least ten volunteers (preferably twelve) who have all attended a safety briefing provided by LCSWC, should allow enough flexibility for us to be able to randomly form a team of three to carry out roadside checks.  This would mean that there should be little pressure on individual volunteers to feel that they need to be out on a very regular basis but can do so at their convenience.  Hopefully we would also have enough people to carry out checks during weekdays, evenings and weekends (daylight hours only).  The more random the locations and times of the speed checks, the more effective they are likely to be.


A mandatory safety briefing/training session will be provided free of charge for all volunteers at Ancaster Village Hall at a time and date to be confirmed in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately this will be limited to just one session and is therefore likely to take place on an evening or weekend.


Equipment will be bought by the Parish for use by trained CSW Members.  Details of any vehicle recorded speeding in a session will then be made available to the Police and a letter will be sent to the registered keeper informing them of the incident.  If there are repeated instances by the same vehicle, a visit will be made to the keeper’s address by the Police and ultimately action can be taken.


I would be grateful if you could set aside some time to participate in the training and then occasional Speed Watch sessions to try and reduce the incidents of speeding that regularly occur on our local roads.  


Thank you in anticipation for your time.


Tom Livsey

Ancaster Parish Speed Watch Coordinator


01400 230 566

07977 298 487


Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership 


The presentations given at the Parish Council Meeting on Monday 16th October are available below


Ancaster Parish Council now has a Facebook page

search for @ancasterparishcouncil


On Monday 15th August Ancaster, Sudbrook & West Willoughby Parish Council hosted a Local Policing Meeting which saw Parish Councils in the Grantham rural areas of SKDC and NKDC submit a range of questions to a panel of police representatives.


Press Release From Ancaster Parish Council- Local Policing Meeting    Alexander Maughan

Questions covered local policing issues from speeding and parking to rural crime.
The panel comprised of our newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones, his deputy Stuart Tweedale, Police Inspector Gary Stewart for Grantham Rural North and South, and local PCSO Barbara Mooney.
The meeting was chaired by Ancaster Parish Council Chairman David Sayer who said after the meeting “One of the main things that came out of this meeting was the positivity towards Community Speed Watch. I think sometimes people forget, when they have issues, that we are all in this together and public events like this are invaluable to provide reassurance that the police are working so hard with the finite resources they have”. In relation to the PCC Marc Jones David Sayer commented “what came over to me was the PCC’s willingness to engage and really try to make a difference balanced by the frustration with unfair funding and some inherited issues”
The meeting lasted two hours with a continuous flow of questions submitted prior to the event and questions from the floor. The meeting saw over 40 attendees, including several members of the public, Parish representatives from Ancaster, Long Bennington, Cranwell, Wilsford, Silk Willoughby, Leadenham, Londonthorpe, Fulbeck, Barkston, Swaton, Caythorpe, Ruskington and Gonerby and local District and County Councillors.
Ancaster Parish Councillor and local campaigner Alexander Maughan commented after the meeting “Due to the nature of an area like ours, we do not see much police visibility due to the lower rates of crime. Therefore, meetings like this tonight are important in reassuring local Parish Councils and Parishioners that the police are doing their job and striving to keep us safe.”



If so, then Royal Voluntary Service Lincoln may be of assistance to you.  We run a county wide Community Transport Scheme especially for older people (65+).  This is a door to door service that gives you the freedom to get out and about.  Whether it is to visit family and friends, go to a lunch club or do some shopping, health appointments, such as visits to hospitals, dentist, chiropodists for any other health related matters.  

All journeys are mile based, so all you have to do is tell us where you would like to go and we will give you a cost for the journey.   Most times our drivers will wait for you, so you are safe in the knowledge that the person that has driven you will also be able to help you if necessary.   All our drivers have been DBS checked and carry identification.  

All you need do is ring our Transport Desk with your request whether it be a short local journey or a more distance destination. The Transport Desk is manned between the hours of 10am – 15pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, all other times just leave a message on our answerphone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.   Our only stipulation is that you give us at least 3 working days even a weeks notice to allow us time to sort one of our lovely drivers out for you.

Our Transport desk number is 01522 300506


Lincolnshire is cracking down on fraud

A new fraud-fighting force has been formed in Lincolnshire to crack down on fraud. 

The Lincolnshire Counter Fraud Partnership is made up of teams from the county council and all seven district councils. It aims to minimise fraud and protect taxpayer's money by using advanced data matching, cross referencing techniques and investigation.

Lucy Pledge, Audit & Risk Manager, is very clear. "If you commit fraud against a council in Lincolnshire, there really is no place to hide. We want to send a strong message that if you try to cheat the system, we will be using all the resources at our disposal to protect the public purse."

Despite efforts to reduce it, nationally fraud costs local government an estimated £2bn every year. Fraud against local authorities includes false claims for housing, council tax discounts and Blue Badges, plus dishonest use of grant and contract awards.

If you suspect fraud against a Lincolnshire council, please report it now to the confidential hotline on 0800 0853716 or email whistleblowing@lincolnshire.gov.uk.

For more information, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/fraud.

Confidential fraud hotline…

   0800 085 3716

November 2015


Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association Ltd 
New Housing Development in Wilsford

Dear Sir/Madam

We are a small Housing Association in Spilsby, we are building a new Development In Wilsford.

There are going to be 3 three Bedrooms and 7 two bedrooms, these properties are going to be ready to rent on Monday 2nd March

The properties have been built for local people in housing need.

If you know of anyone that is in housing need in the Wilsford area could you please pass my details on to them.

My name is Katie Taylor and I am the  Housing officer for Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association , if you require any more information

I will be only be too please to help. I can be contacted on 01790 754219 of email Katie@lrha.co.uk.

Yours Sincerely

Katie Taylor

Housing Officer

Lincolnshire Rural Housing Association Ltd

Markime House, Pooles Lane, Spilsby, Lincolnshire, PE23 5EY

Tel: 01790 754219    Fax: 01790 754508   

email: katie@lrha.co.uk    website: www.lrha.co.uk


Ancaster Parish Notice:  Flood Defence.

Ancaster Parish Council have received from SKDC an allocation of Sand Bags for distribution to those households which can demonstrate a need to protect their property from flooding.
Should you wish to receive an allocation of Sand Bags please contact Denise Gascoyne on 01400 230745

New pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery.

Ancaster Village has a Twitter account


The account is fed with all the Local and County news, News sources are BBC Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire County Council, Sleaford Target, Grantham Journal, Lincolnshire Magazine, Sleaford Standard, Lincolnshire Echo, Lincolnshire Police, Local Newspapers, Met Office, and of course any news and updates from this website and the Parish Council.

Search Twitter for Ancaster Village @AncasterV avoiding the Canadian Ancaster .

New Website Address

The Parish Website has a new short address www.ancasterpc.org  to make it easier to remember.


Parish hall notice board

Photo byAPC

Parish Hall Notice Board

Graveyard notice board

Photo byAPC

Cemetery Notice Board

The two new notice boards have now been installed, 1 outside Ancaster Parish hall and 1 just inside the gates of the cemetery

I am sure you will agree the old notice boards had reached the end of their life and well beyond

The Parish hall notice board will be used to display local information regarding the Parish and Amenities

The notice board at the Cemetery will be used to display the rules and regulations as well as the pricing structure for the cemetery 


Ancaster parish hall - new porch / lobby

Ancaster Parish Hall - New Porch / Lobby

The building work to form the new Ancaster Parish hall entrance porch has now been completed and the new entrance porch is a fantastic feature of the village Parish Hall.

Potholes and other highway defects

It is that time of the year again where the freeze / thaw action and water ingress cause damage to the road surface, We recognise this can be a major issue and it is the responsibility of lincolnshire County Council Highways to either temporarily repair or fully repair the issue

If you see a pothole you can report this on the following link to the LCC website


Gritting Routes

Winter is very much upon us and before the ice and snow hit us with a vengeance you may need to know which roads in the parish are regularly gritted. A list of the gritting routes and the timetable for this can be found on the following link


Lincolnshire Police

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding a local surgery each week at the Police Office on Old Lincoln Road, Caythorpe.  Each weekend a different member of the team will be available for you to speak to regarding local issues and offering crime prevention tips.  For dates and further details click on the ‘Neighbourhood Policing Team’ link on the menu to the left of the page.

See link for Rural beat office at Caythorpe


Bag It and Bin It!

New dog waste bins

After surveying the Parish to assess the need for Dog Waste Bins the Parish Council have installed 3 new bins in Ancaster.  One near the Old School, one next to the Railway Station and one on Mercia Drive.  The bins will be emptied regularly and use will be monitored to establish if the need is greater elsewhere within the Parish.  Please be aware that as a dog owner it is YOUR responsibility to clean up after your dog otherwise potentially face a substantial fine (Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005).