Anwick Parish Council Minutes 21.09.2016


Minutes of Anwick Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 21st September 2016, at 7.00pm in Anwick Community Centre, River Lane, Anwick, Lincs.

In attendance:- Cllr. T Curtis [Chair], Cllr. J Samuels [Vice Chair], Cllr. E Hamnett, Cllr. L Curtis, Cllr. D Gardiner, Cllr. C Gray, J. Flanagan, Clerk to Anwick Parish Council and five members of the public.

There were no questions received by the public.

1.       Apologies for absence and reasons given –  apologies were received from Cllr. J Harrison. Welcome was extended to the new Cllrs. D Gardiner and C Gray.

2.       To receive any declarations of interest and to consider any applications for dispensation in relation DPI’s – none were received.

3.       Request/receive an update from the ordinary meeting held on 20th July 2016 – these items are on the agenda.

4.       Minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday 20th July 2016 – were agreed, signed and dated by the Chair.

5.       Community Grant Award – Cllr. L Curtis met with the suppliers of the goal posts and nets in order for the area to be marked out ready for installation of the goal posts. The nets will be stored in the Community Centre. It was suggested that the equipment could be hired out at a nominal charge.

6.       New Play Park Equipment – Awaiting the final list of equipment to consider from K. Owen. Once decided what equipment is to be purchased then a meeting will be arranged to decide where to fit the equipment. This equipment can be hired out providing it is less than 4 metres high. Discussion took place around an official opening and to whether there should be an age limit for the children to use the equipment. Cllr. D Gardiner to enquire whether a member of the management team from Tesco would conduct the official opening. Also Cllr. D Gardiner to check out the cost of the signs stating no one over the age of 16 to use the equipment.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             DG

7.       Maintenance of the play area and field – Discussion ensued in particular about the weeds coming through the safety matting. It was agreed to contact Cllrs. who attended the recent Cluster meeting at Billinghay and ask how they maintain their play area and who they use.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             JF

8.       NKDC Tree Inspection email update Cllr. J Harrison – due to the absence of Cllr. Harrison this item was deferred to the next meeting.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             JH

9.       Planning Consultations to Parish Councils – The Clerk to email NKDC.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             JF

10.   Update on Doulton House School – Cllr. J Harrison – In the absence of Cllr. Harrison it was felt that all incidents still need to be logged - including those that happen in the play park. Cllr. E Hamnett to contact the Community Liaison Officer asking what we could do as a community.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             EH

Post meeting note – A meeting was arranged for Wednesday 12th October at 6.00pm in the Community Centre to meet with the Community Liaison Officer and Anwick Parish Council.

11.   Moy Park Liaisonno update due to the meeting being cancelled – The Clerk to contact David Fahey about the rubbish in the pond and also the bus stop is being used as an urinal.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             JF

12.   Bonfires – nuisance – The Chair has received two complaints recently regarding resident/s having bonfires in their gardens. The Chair advised it is a statutory by law to take rubbish to the local tip. It was suggested that a standard letter be drafted out or speak to the neighbours concerned.

13.   Possible speed restrictions River Lane – Cllr. C Gray referred to the amount of tankers using River Lane which is causing damage to the road and paths.  Cllr. Gray has met with the Regional Manager from Anglian Water and was advised there is tracking devise on the tankers which shows the speed they are travelling. Recently a lorry went down River Lane which was mistaken for the entrance to Moy Park, then caused a power cable to come down and the police were involved.

14.   The Chair spoke about a speed limit which would form part of a Safety Policy. This needs to fit the criteria based on injury and accidents and logged by the police.

Further discussion took place and it was suggested to formulate a letter with a community based approach to the Highways Authority about weight limit on the lane, suggesting to have the word ‘SLOW’ painted on the road, ‘no through road’ sign at the beginning of the lane.  Also evidence would need to be produced i.e. photos, dates and times.

This agenda item to be raised at the next Moy Park Liaison meeting.

ACTION:-                                                                                                                             TC/CG

15.   Planning Application Reference 16/09777/HOUS update – This correspondence has already been copied to the councillors and the response was for the assurance that the grounds would not be for commercial use.

16.   Financial Matters

i.         £95.34 was received for Litter Picking Grant from NKDC in response to a paper submitted by the Clerk to support this grant.

17.   Any Other Business

17.1 The subject was raised about the painting of the existing play equipment by volunteers.

17.2 Cluster Parish Council meeting – Billinghay 19th September 2016. This was attended by Cllr. T Curtis and the Clerk, which covered Safeguarding by a presentation given by Paul Drury, LCC Prevent Officer. The next meeting to be held in February/March 2017 at North Kyme Parish Council premises.

18.          Date, time and venue of next meeting – Wednesday 16th November 2016, 7.00pm in Anwick Community centre. Apologies were received by Cllr. E Hamnett.


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