Anwick Parish Council minutes 16.11.2016



Minutes of Anwick Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 16th November 2016, 7.00pm in Anwick Community Centre, River Lane, Anwick, Lincs.

Attendance:-        Cllr. T Curtis [Chair], Cllr. L Curtis, Cllr. J Samuels, Cllr. D Gardiner, Cllr. C Gray, Jeanne Flanagan, Clerk to Anwick Parish Council, 3 members of the public.

The Chair referred to any questions and statements will need to be submitted to the Clerk in advance prior to the next meeting, this is in connection with Basic Standing Rules for meetings, which will be included on all future agendas.

ACTION:-                                                              JF

1.                 Apologies for absence and reasons given– Cllr. E Hamnett and Cllr. J Harrison.

2.                 To receive any declarations of interest and to consider any applications for dispensation in relation to DPis. – none were received.

3.                 Request /receive an update on actions from the ordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on 21st September 2016 – These will be covered in the agenda items.


4.                 Notes of the ordinary meeting of the parish Council held on 21st September 2016 – already emailed to councillors, were agreed, signed and dated by the Chair.


5.                 Community Facilities Aid Grant update – The Clerk to contact the Community Facilities Aid Team and Wendy Moore to enquire about the timeframe for the official opening of the play area equipment as suggested around the spring time in 2017.


ACTION:-                                      JF


6.                 New play park equipment update – Cllr. T Curtis gave an update on the situation to date and it was AGREED that Cllr. T Curtis circulate the quotations received to the Cllrs. whereby they can read and understand what each quotation entails., taking into account the new larger scale play equipment for child to adult age range, which an area has been identified for installation.

The Clerk has received a cheque from Glasshouse Car Sales to the value of £500.00 and £1,000.00 is due from Mr Steven Padley, along with £10,000.00 from Tesco Bags for Life, £7500.00 received to date, making a total of £11,500.00. The Clerk to send a letter of thanks to Glasshouse Car Sales for their kind contribution.

ACTION:-                                      TC/JF/LC/JS/EH/DG/CG


7.                 Maintenance of the play area and field – The Clerk to enquire at the next Billinghay Cluster meeting in February 2017, what supplier they use and costings.

ACTION:-                                      JF


8.                 NKDC Tree Inspection email update – Cllr. J Harrison – This item to be deferred to the next meeting.


                ACTION-                                      JF     


9.                 Planning Consultations to Parish Councils – the Clerk referred to an email received from NKDC. If we considered one of the options, providing the Clerk would not have to print out the papers normally associated with a Planning Applications.


ACTION:-                                      JF


10.             Update on Doulton House School – In the absence of Cllr. J Harrison the Clerk read out an email whereby NKDC have put in place a number of sanctions under the anti-social behaviour legislation. However, the wearing of identifiable clothing has had to be re-considered due to being contradictory to other rules.

11.             MoyParkLiaison meeting update held on 8th November 2016 – In the Clerk’s absence Cllrs. L Curtis and J Samuels attended the meeting and gave an update.

·         80% of raw sewage comes from Moy Park, which is processed prior to being pumped into the river. Odour difference between Moy Park and sewage.

·         Outside agencies are undertaking an investigation on site in January to look at other ways of improving the odour. Moy Park will do as much as they can.

12.             Fund & Bid Writing training events 2017 – The Clerk read out details of these forthcoming events and will advise the Cllrs. when further details i.e. dates and venues are received.


ACTION :-                                     JF


13.             Safeguarding in the Community Event – Cllrs. L Curtis and D Gardiner attended this event and gave a brief update, whereby a generic template for the hiring of the hall, plus a risk assessment is required for the Community Centre. The Clerk to look on the website for a generic template the Community Centre could use.


ACTION:-                                                JF


14.             NKDC’s Sustainability Competition £500.00 award – Details of this competition was already emailed to the Cllrs. and Cllrs. L Curtis and J Samuels have offered to submit a bid for a Community Orchard.

POST MEETING NOTE:-      Unfortunately we were not successful with our bid and the award went to William Alvey School, details already emailed to Cllrs.

15.             Possible speed restrictions River Lane/signage preventing articulated lorries entering River Lane by mistake – Discussion took place around monitoring the amount of vehicles and tankers that travel up and down the lane, due to the detoriation of the road surface. It was also noted that the tankers are damaging the concrete paths. It was also suggested whether to purchase a lit up sign by way of a Cluster Group that indicates the speed vehicles are travelling and to have white lines painted on the edge of the carriageway. Cllr. T Curtis to check whether there is a Policy produced by Lincs County Council.

ACTION:-                                                          TC


16.             Notice of decision to grant planning application 16/0977/HOUS – The Clerk read out the details which have been granted.

17.             Financial Matters:- The Clerk confirmed the following payments have been credited to the account:-

i. £95.34 from NKDC for litter picking grant.

ii. £2,232.62 from Lincs County Council for 90% of the Community Facilities Grant Award.


iii. £442.50 from NKDC towards the Community Facilities Grant Award.


iiii. £500.00 from Glasshouse Car Sales towards the ‘Bags’ for life’ scheme for the playground equipment.


18..    Any Other Business

18.1 Cllr. Gray suggested that a new notice board is required to replace the one on River Lane. Cllr. Gray to look at either improving the existing one or designs for a new one.

          ACTION:-                                           CG


19.     Dates, times and venues for the meetings in 2017. The following were agreed:-

          Tuesday 17th January 2017 - 6.30pm in Anwick Community Centre

          Tuesday 14th March 2017 – 6.30pm in Anwick Community Centre.

The dates for the remainder of 2017 to be agreed at the next meeting.









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