Aslackby Anecdotes

We have jotted down some of the anecdotes of Aslackby and its residents.

Aslackby is one of the places for Jamestown settlers

Aslackby’s website turned up trumps at the end of October when the Professor of Integrative Studies at Michigan State University made contact to enquire about one of his ancestors who originated from Aslackby.

It appears that John Dods was born in Aslackby around 1588 and was on of the very first ship, the ‘Susan Constant,’ taking settlers to Virginia in 1607.  He was one of only three 1607 settlers who were still alive in 1624.  It is known that he was able to offer his skill in house building, probably in the mud and stud style common in this part of Lincolnshire at that time.

The 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown was celebrated this year and ‘Time Team’ carried out a dig on the site of the old fortress.  Aslackby featured on a map (if rather briefly) showing the origins of the settlers.  It is believed that Jamestown Museum has this map in their possession.

Moreover there is an exciting possibility that John married a local Indian princess called Jane Eagle Plume (daughter of Chief Eagle Plume) and together they had a number of children from whom the American line is descended.

Further News ...

On a recent visit to Orford Church - Suffolk - a plaque was spotted showing the name Johannes de Aslackby (14th Century priest). Certainly something to think about for future research.