St James Church - Coat of Arms

This section is about the history an current restoration project on the Coat of Arms

The Church of St James the Great, Aslackby

The Royal Arms


Aslackby’s Royal Arms have hung in the store at the west end of the north aisle for, probably, 150 years.  It is believed that they were originally in the chancel, possibly the chancel arch itself judging by the pointed arch shape.  In the middle of the nineteenth century such things were extremely unfashionable and were lost from many churches.  In the 1850s the chancel of Aslackby Church was restored and it is most likely that the arms were put out of sight at this time.  They were undervalued to such an extent that they were cut down to fit the space behind the pillar in the store. The outline can still be seen on the south wall.  Here the arms suffered greatly from damp, coal dust and general neglect.  In March 2008 the arms were carefully moved to the present position to await conservation.