St. Peter's Church

St. Peters Church

There was a church in Aubourn in 1086, recorded in the Doomesday Book. This was built of wood and stone on or very near the present site. It was rebuilt in stone around 1200. Most of the church was demolished in 1862 when the ‘new’ Victorian Church of St. Peter was built on a new site in 1862 at the junction of Bassingham Road and Bridge Road , Aubourn. (See Clock Tower).

A church was in existence on this site at the time of the Doomesday Book and records show that about 1076 Robert de Todeni gave the Rectory of Aubourn as part of the endowment of the newly founded Priory of Belvoir. Through the Prior and Convent of Belvoir the vicars were appointed until 1529. A plaque on the church wall gives a listing of past vicars.

The chancel walls date back from about 1200 and were part of a larger structure—comprising a nave, porch and tower. In 1862 most of the building was demolished when the new church was built, however the original foundations can be seen in front of the main door. The front of the chancel was remodelled to give the ventral doorway with oeil beouf above. A small square turret was added to north west corner, topped by a tiled roof. The two light windows were inserted in the 14th Century and the open timber roof  and decorated font date from this time. The wooden altar rails were made in the early 18th Century.

All that remained of this church in 1862 was the chancel and it was used as a mortuary chapel with coats of arms and wall tablets dedicated to the ancient families of the Neviles, Meres, and Lambs. The building was restored in 1933 when a new altar and gallery for the organ were erected. A window was brought from Scotton Hall in Lincoln and was inserted in the north wall. It became the parish church once more in 1968 when the other church became unsafe. Both churches are dedicated to St. Peter.

In recent years there have been some major refurbishments : replastering and lime washing walls. repairs to the exterior stonework and creation of a new drainage system around the church. The impressive brass chandelier has been cleaned and general repairs made to the pews. The marble and alabaster monuments and hatchments on the church walls have been professional cleaned and restored. The windows have had ventilation vents installed and the small side window has been reglazed. Due to the age of the church, it needs constant maintenance and through donations some of the repairs have been carried out. However further work is dependant on grants, fundraising and continued donations.

This is a wonderful church and welcomes all visitors to share in its history. For more information contact:-
Rev. Nick Buck on 01522 788383.