Clock Tower Project

Aubourn Clock Tower

Aubourn Clock Tower Building project

Aubourn Clock Tower was restored thanks to a Heritage Lottery grant of £86,100 and other grants secured locally including Lincolnshire Economic Action Partnership £7,000 and RACOL £6,680. Work commenced during April 2005 with the re-shingling of the spire.

The building, formerly known as St. Peters Church, was partly demolished and the remaining standing structure was saved from total demolition by the weight of public opinion with local residents raising funds to retain the building within the parish.

2004 was a very significant year as it marked the 30th anniversary of the Parish Council signing the lease to take responsibility for this important building on October 30th 1974.

Aubourn Clock Tower is at the heart of the two villages and is widely recognised as a local landmark.  It offers an added local interest in there being a magnificent working clock dedicated to the community in memory of a parishioner. The opening of the building in 2006 has provided a community facility to house the abundance of historic artefacts and information within the village.

The Clock tower facilities have continued to be improved by the Parish Council. In 2010 grants were obtained from Awards for All £10,000 and NKDC £1,000 to provide a disabled toilet and store. This allows for greater use of the Community Heritage Room by residents and visitors.