Image showing views around Bardney Group Parish

Photo by Cllrs Charles Shaw, Malcolm Speed, Sally Zubic and John Zubic along with Vice Chairman Cllr Robin Darby

Councillors with new benches on the Village Green


Welcome to the Bardney Group Parish website. This website is for the benefit of the local community and provides information about events and activities within the parish.

Bardney Group Parish is situated approximately 10 miles south-east of Lincoln, bounded on the south by the River Witham and on the north by the Lincolnshire Limewoods, it comprises the parishes of Bardney, Apley and Stainfield. The villages of Southrey and Kingthorpe are also covered by the group parish.


The largest of the five villages Bardney sits on the north bank of the River Witham at the first crossing downstream from Lincoln. The crossroads were a major route in the past and is still an important road network for local traffic. A good selection of shops, services and activities are available to the local community.


A close community with some facilities, Southrey lies on the north bank of the River Witham approximately 2 miles downstream of Bardney.

Apley, Stainfield and Kingthorpe

The smallest of the villages, they are located to the north of Bardney on the southern edge of the Bardney Limewoods.


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Unfortunately BGPC has had to remove it's Facebook page. Whilst many people have benefitted from the volunteer operated site, especially during the recent bad weather, road works and waterway issues, sadly a small number of people have used the page to be abusive and aggressive towards staff and councillors. Bardney Group Parish Council will not tolerate this kind of behaviour. A decision about the long term future of the site will be made at the June Full Council Meeting.


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