Parish Council Documents


Parish Council Meeting Dates

Parish Council Meetings are scheduled to take place on the following dates. Please note additional meetings may be held and the meeting dates may be subject to change. The meetings are held in the Reading Room on Church Street.  The public forum takes place between 6.45-7.00pm and the Parish Council actively encourages parishioners to attend the meetings. Agendas and minutes can be found on the website below or on any of the three Parish Council noticeboards located at Westry Corner, on High Road and on Reedings Road.

    Monday 11 March 2019

      Monday 8 April 2019

        Monday 13 May 2019

          Monday 10 June 2019

            Monday 8 July 2019

              Monday 9 September 2019

                Meetings of the Parish Council Pavilion Committee take place on a Wednesday, generally quarterly and are held in the Pavilion.  The public forum takes place from 7.00-7.15pm.  The meetings are advertised on Parish Council noticeboards and the website.

                • Wednesday 17 April 2019

                • Wednesday 17 July 2019

                Parish Council Documents

                These are available for you to view below.

                Attached files are the most recently produced documents.  Other documents can be found in the pages below.