Best Kept Village 2017


Barrowby joined a group of villages that had won their group competition in the past five years. We had just the one visit in August and received very good marks 140 out of a possible 150 marks but it was not enough to win this event this year with Washingborough coming out ahead of us.

Many families in the village made their gardens look smart and colourful with most hedges and trees near footpaths and pavements well trimmed but this year the growth on some hedges needed trimming several times during the summer with it being warm and wet during most of the summer.

The flower borders looked well right through into late September and the hanging baskets at the Reading Room did exceptionally well with their vibrant colours and huge numbers of flowers.

The Parish Council thank all the gardeners, families and individuals who helped to make the village smart and tidy – several of you continue to pick up litter as you walk your dogs as we don’t have a litter picker at present and our grass contractors who regularly cut all the Parish Council areas including the sports field, play areas, Burial Ground and around the flower borders.