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Reactive Speed Indicator Devices

In August 2014 the Lincolnshire Community Speed Watch (CSW) initiative was launched which gave communities such as Barrowby an opportunity to consult with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) to develop schemes that use highly visible passive notices coupled with battery powered Speed Indication Devices (SIDs) to re-enforce residential speed limits. Both types of speed warnings could then be purchased and operated by communities. These devices are designed to be attached to highways lamp posts. The speed notices and SIDs are then moved around numerous sites within a community to ensure they are always fresh and impactive. The SID is mounted and secured on brackets which are permanently fixed to the lamp posts and can be easily moved from bracket to bracket. The passive notices are mounted using simple cable ties, also allowing easy movement between sites. It should be noted that to attaching anything to roadside furniture, such as a lamp post, requires the permission of the owner and the LCC Highways Department.

As a result of the above options the Parish Council contacted the LRSP who did a comprehensive review of the village traffic issues and submitted a plan to the council. As a result of this survey plan the Parish Council placed an order for the recommended number of reactive and passive devices which were purchased at an approximate cost of £4400. 

The Parish Council is keen to understand the impact of the existing signage before going back to the LRSP for further advice. Consideration will be given to Rectory Lane and the Drift in further dialogue with the “experts”. It should also be noted that due to the positioning of existing lamp posts that the signs will not always be exactly in the line of vision of the driver, but we are also keen to avoid yet more road signs, posts etc detracting from the village scene!

Councillor R Cross, Chair, Barrowby Parish Council