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Baston is a parish on the edge of The Fens and in the administrative district of South Kesteven, Lincolnshire, England. Like most fen-edge parishes, it was laid out more than a thousand years ago, in an elongated form, so as to afford the produce of a variety of habitats for the villagers. The village itself lies along the road between King Street, a road built apparently, in the second century and Baston Fen which is on the margin of the much bigger, Deeping Fen. Until the nineteenth century, the heart of Deeping Fen was a common fen on which all the surrounding villages had rights of turbary, fowling, pasture and so on.

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Directions to the Village

Baston is a medium sized village astride the A15 road in Lincolnshire.

It is approximately :

  • ten miles north of Peterborough,
  • five miles south of Bourne
  • five miles northwest of Market Deeping
  • 8 miles east of Stamford
  • and sits on the edge of The Fens.

Public Transport:

Bus Route

It is on the bus route operated by Delaine Buses between Bourne and Peterborough.

Details of routes and timetables can be found on the Delaine Buses website.

The nearest Stations can be found at:

Peterborough (on the East Coast Main Line)

  • Fast access to London Kings Cross and Scotland
  • Direct Services to Spalding, Leicester, Lincoln, East Anglia, Liverpool, Leicester, Birmingham and Stanstead Airport


  • Peterborough to Leicester route via Oakham, & Melton Mowbray