Belton and Manthorpe Parish Council - Governance & Policies 14th December 2015

1. What Do Parish Councils Do?

1.1 Most of the powers held by parish and town councils are discretionary, so they may do something, rather than they must do something. Parish and town councils have the right to ask for money from the District Council. This is known as the parish precept and is collected as part of the council tax for that area.

      Parish and town councils listen to local opinion and act as a voice for local residents. The range of services and amenities they provide varies a great deal between parishes. They often help local voluntary organisations and have an important role in providing and improving local life.

  • By law, parish and town councils must:
  • Hold an annual meeting
  • Hold at least three other meetings a year
  • Appoint a financial officer and appoint other staff if necessary
  • Make rules (Standing Orders) for meetings and procedures, as well as for the supply of goods and services to the council

2. Belton and Manthorpe Parish Council

2.1 Operation.

Parish Councils do not have a Constitution as such - they do not create their own rules, but are governed by Acts of Parliament and other secondary legislation.  Councils are expected to have Standing Orders in place which indicate how they run their administrative affairs on a daily basis.

2.2 Publication of Meeting Minutes.

      Best practice is to circulate a note of the meeting - either a draft of proceedings or a resume - as soon as possible after a meeting takes place.  This is particularly important where councils meet less frequently than monthly.  Notes of the meeting do not become the formal minutes until approval and signing takes place at the next meeting.

2.3. Regulation.

      Belton and Manthorpe Parish Council is regulated and operates under the following documents and Policies.

·       Standing Orders

·       Planning Policy

·       Financial Regulations Policy

·       Financial Regulations Policy – Summary

·       Equality and Diversity Policy

·       Data Protection Policy

·       Complaints Procedure Policy

The above documents and policies were formally proposed, seconded and adopted unanimously at the Parish Council meeting of 26th November 2015 and minuted as such.

The above documents and policies may be obtained from the Parish Clerk on proper application.