BPNP Call for sites

In late 2017 South Kesteven District Council issued a draft of its Local Plan (a 30-year plan updated every 5 years), showing proposed sites for future housing development in the District. Such was the reaction in Bourne (400+ people objected to their choice of sites, more than in the rest of the District) that they handed the responsibility of choosing appropriate sites to The Bourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan (BPNP) team and Bourne Town Council (BTC).

A joint working party from BPNP and BTC has already reviewed some sites but we would now like to know if there are any other sites that could be added to the original list, which was issued by SKDC in 2015. As part of the process we need to find out which land within the Parish of Bourne is available for development, or is likely to become available during the period to 2036 to facilitate growth in the local economy.

While we are primarily looking for housing sites, with an area of at least 0.25 hectares  we would also like to hear from anyone who has an interest in sites or areas of land that they wish to see allocated in the Bourne Neighbourhood Plan for other uses, such as to improve the vitality and viability of the town centre. All proposals will be given due consideration; an allocation in the Neighbourhood Plan will establish the principle of development of the land in question.

The information provided will help the team to assess the merits of each site and will inform further consultation that we propose to undertake prior to determining the most appropriate sites to include in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Once potential sites have been identified and assessed, draft findings will be produced for comment by applicants, and by the local community through public consultation. Once the consultation process has concluded, details of the sites chosen will be passed to South Kesteven District Council

Site information must be received by Bourne Parish Neighbourhood Plan by Friday 27th September 2019, a Submission Form can be obtained from Bourne Town Council based at the Corn Exchange, by email (clerk.bournetc@btconnect.com) or downloaded from the attachment below.