Caistor Town Council

The Planning Committee and Town Council normally meet every second Thursday of the month, at 6:45 pm & 7:00pm respectively, in the Alan Caine Council Chamber in Caistor Town Hall, North Street, Caistor. Other Committee Meetings, when called, will normally meet on the third Thursday of the Month at the same location and time as Planning Committee. Office opening hours are 1000 -1600 hrs on weekdays. However, it is advisable to phone or email in advance to make an appointment, as the Town Clerk may be out of the office on Council business.

Public Notices are on the noticeboard in the Market Place

Caistor Town Council notices in the Market Place, Caistor.

Cllr Deborah Barker
14 Coach House Court, Caistor, Lincs. LN7 6BX   Tel: (01472) 851883

Cllr Jacqui Hughes 25, Navigation Lane, Caistor, Lincs LN7 6NH   Tel: 07535616826 Email:

Cllr Clive Rudd 15, Cherry Holt, Caistor, Lincs, LN7 6QQ

Cllr Jon Wright   Millfield Barn, Mansgate Hill, Nettleton, Lincs, LN76NT                                                                  

Cllr Steve Millson  Millfield, Station Road, North Thoresby,  DN36 5QP

Cllr Martin Sizer 
Caistor PO, 25 Market Place, Caistor, Lincs, LN7 6TX
Tel: (01472) 851201 Email:

Cllr Michael Stopper
Brook Cottage, Castle Hill, Caistor, Lincs. LN7 6QL
Tel: (01472) 851133 Email:

Cllr Carol Mackenzie
8, Knapton Court, Caistor, Lincs LN7 6TZ
Tel: (01472) 859047 Email: kev8cazmac@√°

Cllr Stephen Gaughan 32 Rawlinson Avenuet, Caistor, Lincs LN7 6NQ Email:

Cllr Jayne Bowman 109A Brigg Road, Caistor, Lincs LN7 6RX                       Tel: 01472 851916

Cllr Alan Somerscales
37 Lincoln Drive, Caistor, Lincs LN7 6PA
Tel: (01472852294  Email:ahref="">

Cllr Angela Clark 20, High Street, Caistor Lincs LN7 6QF           Tel: 01472 852749

Cllr Michael Galligan 28 South Street, Caistor, Lincs LN7 6JB Email:

Cllr Steven Critten 15 Hansard Crescent, Caistor Lincs LN7 6QT   Tel: 01472 852258  Email:

Town Clerk: Jim Hanrahan, 14 High Street, Caistor. LN7 6TX Tel: 07900340026 Email: