Photograph of St Stephen's Church, Careby

St Stephen's Church, Careby


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Please also note that Parish AGM will be held on THURSDAY 10th April at St. Stephen's Church commencing at 7.15pm.

Following the Parish Meeting on October 31st the draft minutes are published in the Minutes Section of the web site as well as the interim accounts to the end of September (6 months). These can also be found on the Parish Notice Board in Careby.

Please also see the very nice letter the Parish Meeting received from the PCC after the Parish recently made the budgeted donation towards the upkeep of the church (see PCC section/attachment) 

Careby with Aunby and Holywell is a rural parish of about 150 people, with around 60 households, living in the three hamlets in the beautiful South Lincolnshire countryside about 6 miles north of the market town of Stamford.

The parish has existed for hundreds of years as a farming community and its properties are largely built from locally quarried limestone.
It is believed that Careby was given its name by the Danes who had a settlement alongside the River Glen 1000 years ago.
It is a parish of valleys, rivers and woodland and is divided by the East Coast mainline railway linking London to Edinburgh and the north-east of England.
It has a lovely old church, St Stephens, that dates back to the 13th century, and a pub, the Willoughby Arms, which was built in 1853 as booking office and waiting room for the private railway which in those days was owned by Lord Willoughby of Grimsthorpe.