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As you will be aware from previous alerts, Action Fraud has been tasked with collating details of fraudulent activity and details of current scams throughout the UK.
Ring 0300 123 2040
We have received advice from Action Fraud on preventing doorstep crime and rogue trader activity and the detailed advice is shown below.
Throughout Lincolnshire, we have a large elderly population that is growing and this makes our county a target for these types of crime.
You can help us in reducing the incidences by reporting suspicious occurrences so that we can obtain vehicle registrations numbers and check the validation of the traders.
If you see a neighbour being visited by persons unknown, or having large vehicles on their driveway such as tarmacing lorries, why not pop over and ask if they are ok, or have asked for the work to be carried out. Sometimes, just by asking the question, can give them the confidence to ask for your help in refusing the services being offered.
If you or a neighbour need work carrying out, contact the approved trader scheme on this link or ring 0845 450 9115
Advice from Action Fraud on Rogue Traders
Customer Advice
Be suspicious when a trader has approached your doorstep suggesting that faults have been identified on your property and they will require urgent attention.
Be cautious when you are quoted a low price for a seemingly small piece of work. This approach may be used as a means of identifying other unnecessary jobs, and pressure applied to get them done.
The trader may use a fictitious approach, and suggest that a neighbour recommended they should attend your home.
The trader may say that they have materials left over from a nearby job and can use these at a reduced cost to complete unnecessary work.
Don’t feel pressured to agree or sign on the spot and ask them to come back once you have had time to consider their offer of work and gained a second opinion.
Before signing any documents always read them carefully and make sure you fully appreciate the content of the document.
Consider checking what other local traders in the same area can offer you and compare costs.
As a general guide a reliable legitimate tradesman will be busy and have work booked in advance, so be wary if they state that they can start immediately or in the next few days.
Make sure you fully understand what total cost is involved and what this figure includes, such as guarantees.
Try to avoid handing over any money before the work has started. Normally a reliable trader will never ask you to do this, and never feel pressurised to go with a trader to your bank to take any money out.
If you feel uncomfortable with the person, ask them to leave. If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is. If they refuse to leave ring 999, as this is an offence.
 Good afternoon from Witham on the Hill NPT 
This is an alert notice regarding Rogue traders. A resident in the Manthorpe, Bourne area stated that two males have visited  his house yesterday and offered to tarmac the drive, the first one offered to tarmac the drive for £500. The second one then appeared about 1/2 hour later offering to tarmac the drive for £100 denying knowing the first person.The second male was brazen and walked down the side of the house where the oil tank is situated.
Descriptions: male 1, white, 6', 45 years, medium build, grey hair, male 2, white, 5' 9", overweight build, piecing grey eyes. Both wearing high-vis jackets. Apparently both were well spoken.
Please be mindful that often with offers like these that they are to good to be true, and usually are.
Alternatively contact Crimestoppers, an independent charity working to fight crime. This can be anonymously via the telephone on 0800 555 111 or report it via the website
With many Iphones now in circulation and also on the criminals hot list for items to be stolen, here is a quick guide to allow you to secure your iphone and protect all of your personal data held on your device.

One of the most valuable sources of personal information that can be gained are bank details and passwords.  These can easily be gained from stolen mobile phones if they are not protected.

Always ensure your phone has a phone lock as your first line of defense.

1. Select Settings
2. Click General
3. Select Restrictions
4. Set a Restrictions passcode
5. Click Enable Restrictions
6. Look for Deleting Apps and toggle the switch from On to Off. This will mean that no one can delete an app such as Find My iPhone without your Restrictions passcode
7. Scroll down the list of options until you reach the Privacy section, here you’ll find a link to Locations Services, click it
8. Select Don’t Allow Changes. This will mean it is impossible for a robber to disable the Find My iPhone application from broadcasting your GPS. You will now need manually to approve all new apps to access your location data.
9. Go back to the main Restrictions menu and select Accounts, changing this setting to Don’t Allow Changes. This makes it impossible for a mugger to disconnect your iCloud account that connects to Find My iPhone.
10. If your iPhone is stolen, it is only going to transmit its location for as long as a SIM card is inserted and is active. You may therefore wish not to inform your mobile provider in the case of a robbery until you have met the police.
You should also register your mobile serial number on Immobilise so that should it be stolen it can be highlighted to all police forces across England.
(You can register any item that you own that has a serial number on this site.)

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Marlowe Bramich (Support, PCSO NC46 Witham on the Hill, Stamford Station)

What’s on the website?

In 2010 the new national website for Neighbourhood Watch was launched following extensive consultation with existing and potential new members,  Since then the site has developed even further. 

Have a look to see how the site can support you and your members.

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New research conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) shows 3 in 5 people surveyed were pestered by calls, emails and spam texts from claims management companies within a week [14 November]
CAB’s new report ‘The Claims Pests’ exposes how claims management companies harass people in their homes in order to get a £2 billion cut of payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation. 
PPI was originally sold alongside loans, mortgages and credit cards, wrongly in many cases, to cover repayments if people became ill or lost their jobs.
The new figures found 9 out of 10 surveyed had been contacted out of the blue by a claims management company within the last 12 months. 72% were about making a claim for PPI.
You can claim yourself for free
Citizens Advice is urging consumers to put the phone down on these cold callers and go straight to their bank to make a claim. Claims companies take around 25% of a person’s successful PPI claim in charges. Data from Citizens Advice Bureaux across the country found people were spending, on average, over £1,100 in fees for something they can do themselves for free. One CAB even saw a client who paid over £4,000 in charges. 
And some are charging up front costs of £600 – without being clear if the consumer will get any sort of payout. Citizens Advice is also calling for a ban on up front fees as firms often fail to deliver on claims, making claimants worse off than before. One in five CAB clients were lead to believe they can make a claim for PPI without ever having or being mis-sold a policy. 
These excessive costs are pushing people into hardship with 1 in 4 CAB clients in debt or financial trouble after forking out the fees.
Top tips to give cold callers the cold shoulder
• Ignore spam text messages.
• Put the phone down on marketing telephone calls.
• Be careful how you share your personal contact details.
• Forward spam texts to your mobile provider for them to take action: 7726 for Everything Everywhere or O2, 37726for 3, 87726 for Vodafone.
• Report any scams to Action Fraud online.
• Make a claim for mis-sold PPI yourself by contacting you bank directly.
• Get advice about claims management companies from the Citizens Advice consumer service on 08454 040506 (or Welsh speaking 08454 04 05 06), online at or from your local CAB.
• Complain to the Information Commissions Office about spam text on 030 3123 1113.