Carlby news

Litter pick - on a cold but bright Saturday morning in March, 16 villagers turned out for the first Carlby litter pick. A total of 37 bags of rubbish were collected . Among the more unusual items were two car bumpers, 1 traffic cone, 6 wheel trims, 1 duvet and a car battery. Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood, who organised the litter pick said 'This went very well, thanks to the efforts of the villagers who turned out. Hopefully, from this good beginning we can make this an annual event'. See photo in gallery.

The Annual Parish Meeting on 21 May 2013 was well attended. Present were 18 villagers, all our Councillors and the Parish Clerk, the three members of our Neighbourhood Policing Team and our County and District Councillors.

Madam Chair Nicky Howells gave her Annual Report:

'Firstly I would like to welcome everyone to the meeting.

This has been another busy year for the Council and indeed the village.

The Council was very pleased to be able to fund the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee, and assist the various village organisations that made the event a success. The event provided something for everyone and brought the village together. The event took an enormous amount of planning and organising and I would like to thank on behalf of the council and the village, the organisations who gave so willingly of their time to ensure that it could happen.

The Council was also delighted to be able to provide each child with a commemorative mug. I would also like to thank Ian who produced both the programme and the commemorative book.

I would also like to thank Elaine – who took over the role of Parish Clerk at the last Annual Meeting. She has worked tirelessly in her new role and has proved herself invaluable to the Council.

The Council has ensured through phone calls and emails that the village Green and cut through from Templeman Drive to High Street will be maintained every 6 weeks by Persimmon.

On our annual village walk about with LCC Highways we have also agreed that the various footpaths and path at the river will be cut back every 6 months. We are also pleased to report that repairs to the A6121 will take place in the summer. The Council is also working on providing "Beware Horses" signs for the village. We are also looking to provide speed aware signs at the top end of High Street.

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Council was unable to proceed any further with securing land for allotments as was hoped, but will continue to explore the possibility again through 2013.

Dog fouling became an irritation again this year and SKDC have been very helpful in responding to our requests for additional signs and have also distributed leaflets to residents to advise of the hazards. Regular spot checks are also being undertaken. Council is pleased to report that the problem has abated in some areas.

David, John and Roger distributed the Emergency plan laminates to all villagers in the event of an emergency happening in the village.

The Council can report that there was only one accident during the winter in the village when a resident and his dog were involved in a collision with a motorist. Thank you to residents who have used the grit bins to cut down on such incidents. The Council would also like to thank SKDC for supplying extra recycling bags to the village when the bin men were unable to call.

Council has this year co-opted Sarah Cardew to the council following the resignation of Tony Roche due to relocation. Isabel has taken on his duties on village assets and delivered a report each meeting. John has re-varnished the village sign and the notice boards.

The Council has continued with its commitment to training and as such, the following has taken place this year:

Sarah and Isabel have received councillor training

John and myself have attended a training course on planning

Elaine and myself have attended clerk and chairman training.

The Council has been pleased to help with funding for village Organisations , namely –

Carlby Gardeners - £50 - May 2012 - Jubilee planting

PCC - £400 - to assist with grass cutting - April 20