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The Parish Council has introduced an email network to put news round the village quickly about events and matters of interest. Called 'Carlby On-line', the latest newsletter gives an account of the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. To sign up to the network (which, of course, is free) contact the Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood on

Annual Parish meeting 2016– the Annual Parish Meeting was held in the village hall on 17 May. Present were all Parish Councillors, the Clerk, County Councillor Martin Trollope-Bellew, SKDC Councillor Martin Wilkins and 15 members of the public. Apologies for absence were received from villagers and the PCSO.

Councillor Trollope-Bellew said that this would be his final appearance at the APM as he was not standing for re-election next year. He reported on various LCC issues including the ever reducing financial support from central government. SKDC Councillor Wilkins mentioned the appeal against refusal of the Brethren planning application and advised village objectors to the original application to repeat their objections.

Reports were received from village organisations on their activities and plans for the coming year.

In his annual report the PC Chairman David Nelson said that grants had been given to the PCC  for maintenance of churchyard; to the Friendly Club for their  annual trip; to the Gardening Club  for plants/bulbs; to the Playing Fields for general maintenance; and to the Bowls Club to  re-clad the toilet roof.  He added that the Playing Fields have an ambitious project to replace and enhance their play equipment and facilities. They have applied for several grants and the Council will support them in their quest.

The LCC had installed a launch pad to the bus shelter on A6121 as a result of a request from the PC at the village walkabout.

The Annual Litterpick tied in this year with the national Clean for the Queen Campaign in March. Good publicity had been organized by Councillor Dair.  The Litterpick was organised by the Clerk and 14 parishioners took part in collecting 33 bags of rubbish. The Chairman said that discarding rubbish on the street/roads seems to be a British disease when compared to travelling in the USA and the EU.

Welcome to Carlby leaflets had been delivered during the year to new parishioners.

Following a well-attended Village Meeting in December regarding the appeal against Welland Gospel Hall Trust’s application for a meeting hall on High Street, Councillors and parishioners attended  the Development Control Committee meeting in January. Representations were made against the application, which resulted in the application being rejected. A huge Thank You to Councillor Bavister for co-ordinating the whole thing, his research and knowledge of all matters planning was the cornerstone of our successful objections.

One of the key legal reasons for the SKDC rejection was the existence of our own Village Design Statement, updated only last year. The usefulness of that has been superseded by us now being required to develop a Neighbourhood Plan in order to protect our village from unwanted/out of character development. It was agreed that the Council will embark on this shortly but there is a significant cost and time and parishioner involvement associated with the creation of this plan and it was hoped that everyone will play their part in helping the Council make it happen.

Carlby On-Line has kept parishioners up-to-date with Parish Council matters during the year.

John Purcell was appointed as a Councillor in September 2015.  He has since attended a training session for new councillors and is still with us!

During the year the Parish Council continued its search for allotment land, but has so far been unsuccessful.  As it was several years ago since requirements for allotments were assessed, parishioners were asked during the year to register their interest.  Ten parishioners had expressed an interest.

As a result of the installation of speed signs through the village, it was felt that the perception was that speeding had reduced.  Thank you to Councillors Bavister and Easton for their hard work in the maintenance of the facility and production of the statistics from the equipment. There is a hard core of drivers who clearly use the sign to check how far over the speed limit they really are but there had  not been a significant number of offences to interest our law enforcement colleagues.

Also thank you to:

Councillor Bavister for continuing to attend Neighbourhood Planning meetings with the local Police and PCSOs and local villages.

Councillor Robson for keeping her eye on village assets during the year.

Councillor Dair for being our wordsmith during the year and also covering all our press and publicity requirements.

Councillor Easton for assisting with the Welland Gospel Hall Trust Appeal and, along with Councillor Bavister, keeping the Emergency Plan equipment up-to-date.

Councillor Trollope-Bellew for keeping us up-to-date with LCC matters.

District Councillor Martin Wilkins for keeping us up-to-date with SKDC matters and advising us shrewdly on planning.

Joe Scott for auditing our annual accounts and keeping us on the right financial reporting track

Finally the Chairman gave a personal and Council thank you to our clerk, Elaine, for her continued hard work, often above and beyond her official duties. Her expertise in all matters Council give the councillors an element of security in the minefield of local government officialdom.

The Clerk gave the financial report. She later reported at the PC AGM that with the precept funds received funds stood at £8,101 but grants due to be paid reduced this to £5,100.

Councillor Bavister said that data from the Speedwatch initiative was available to villagers. Also available was his analysis of the Brethren appeal.  Councillor Purcell said that he had been approached about renewing  Neighbourhood Watch in Carlby.  It was agreed that the Clerk would ask via Carlby On-Line for interested parties to contact Councillor Purcell.

The possibility of the village embarking on a Neighbourhood Plan was discussed. It was pointed out that such would be more influential in planning terms than the VDS. At the same time, much material from the VDS would continue to be relevant. What was different was the process of drawing up the Plan. This required an active involvement and support from villagers. Other villages had, or were in the process of devising a Plan, and templates were available, as was advice from SKDC. Later in the PC AGM a show of hands was unanimously in favour of the village putting together a Neighbourhood Plan. The Chairman said the PC would now draw up and circulate a ‘Plan for the Plan’. It was re-emphasised that this action must go well beyond the PC and involvement from the village was essential both in drawing up the Plan and seeing it through the necessary stages of official approval.

The Clerk reported that Gigaclear would repair the pavement damaged by their activities at the end of High Street. The van parked on the High Street had received a removal notice.

In the PC AGM, Councillors Nelson and Bavister were re-elected as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively.  On targets, Councillor Dair said that generally progress had been made but a couple of aims had not been met, understandably because the PC had been under strength throughout the year and the Brethren planning application had taken up so much time. He would circulate a list of targets for the coming year, to include the decision on the Neighbourhood Plan.

A small amendment to Standing Orders was agreed.

An estimate of cost for re-siting the notice boards would be sought.  On other village assets, Councillor Robson reported that part of PF2 on High Street was overgrown and the Clerk would contact the authorities.

Regarding the crossing on the main road to and from the bus shelter, the PC would support further moves to obtain action by authorities to make the crossing safer for children and villagers.

The next meeting will be  on 19 July.





 Litter pick - the annual Carlby litter pick, organised by Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood, resulted in the collection of 15 large bags of rubbish - and one car bumper. The eight hardy souls who braved the early rain to collect litter in and around the village are pictured (Isee picture gallery) at the village hall before setting off.