Carlby news

Litter pick - the annual Carlby litter pick, organised by Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood, resulted in the collection of 15 large bags of rubbish - and one car bumper. The eight hardy souls who braved the early rain to collect litter in and around the village are pictured (Isee pictuire gallery) at the village hall before setting off.


Parish Council meeting – the Parish Council met on 17 March. All councillors were present along with County Councillor Trollope-Bellew and 6 members of the public. An apology for absence was received from District Councillor Channell who explained that, due to an imminent boundary change, she would not be the district councillor for Carlby in the future. The village would be grouped with a different ward, for which Mr. Martin Wilkins was the present SKDC councillor. Mr. Wilkins was present at the meeting.

Open forum

A villager raised the question of potholes regularly appearing in the stretch of resurfaced main road to the Bourne side of the junction. Whilst the potholes had been filled in, others had appeared. It seemed that different material had been used on this stretch since the other length of resurfacing by the junction was not causing problems. The clerk said that she had raised the matter with the Highways Manager, making the point that the defective stretch seemed not fit for purpose. She would raise this again with Mr. Brumfield, who had agreed to attend the Annual Parish meeting on 19 May.

The clerk confirmed that she would be arranging another litter pick during April (see below)and notice would be given of when this would be, inviting volunteers for the pick.

Matters arising from previous PC meeting

Insurances had been arranged for the defibrillator and road sign. Persimmon had confirmed that grass cutting on the village green would take place every three weeks.


The clerk reported that no applications for election, beyond the present members of the PC, had been received.

Code of Conduct

The draft would be re-circulated to take account of a point raised by  councillors.

Email network

Twenty villagers had joined the network so far, which was considered a reasonable start. The first ‘issue’ of the email communication would include an account of the meeting. The clerk would look at whether Facebook could also be used to improve communication.

Village Design Statement

The meeting with SKDC planners had shown the need to revisit and if necessary revise the Village Design Statement (published in 2013). A sub-committee of the PC would be formed to make recommendations in this area.

Annual Parish Meeting

Our PCSOs would come to the meeting if duties allowed. As already mentioned, the Highways Manager will attend.


Grants to the Gardening Club, the PCC and the Friendly Club were agreed. Further information would be sought on applications from the Bowls Club and the Playing Fields.

Website update

Councillor Dair explained that the website version of the ‘Welcome to Carlby’ leaflet had been updated. The hard copy version would need to be reprinted. He suggested that this reprint should be distributed to PC members who would take on the job of giving it to new villagers. This was agreed. Its availability (which would be after the APM) would also be mentioned via the email network.

Community Speed Awareness

Preliminary results from the trial period were considered. It was agreed that the full system should go ahead immediately, with a report to the PC in May. The police would be asked to clarify the situations regarding speeding on which they would act.

Defibrillator awareness

Councillor Easton raised the issue of how isolated couples facing an apparent heart attack situation could access the defibrillator. SKDC Councillor Wilkins said that at Castle Bytham a system was in place whereby this problem was addressed via a telephone-linked support group (Lives). The clerk would find out about this and report back.

County Councillor’s report

County Councillor Trollope-Bellew presented a £300 award from the Big Society fund as a contribution towards the cost of the defibrillator. As regards the Working Group on the main road crossing, he said that the County review of speed limits was due to be completed in October, after which it would be appropriate for the group to meet again.

Village assets

Councillor Robson reported that village assets were generally in good order. Public footpaths 1, 2 and 4 were clear with no sign of dog fouling but this was still an issue on footpath 3 (Church Street to Paddocks).

Finance report

There was £2,376 in hand.

Planning Application EFI

It was explained that the reduced area of the proposed allotments was because soil sampling was needed and this was expensive. The applicants did not rule out extending the allotments area. If the application proceeded a S. 106 agreement would be entered into, representing a legal commitment to the enhancement/amenities promised.

 The PC agreed to support the application on the grounds that:

1.       It included some affordable housing, the need for which in Carlby had been supported by the survey

2.     It could help maintain an existing amenity (and potential employer) in the village

3.       It could add an amenity to the village i.e. the allotments.


Villager Mr. Ben Haines had written to the PC about a high speed broadband provider. The PC noted this and that Gigaclear were to make a presentation in the village hall on 2 April.

Madam Chair

Madam Chair Nicky Howells announced that she would not be standing for re-election due to increasing family commitments.

Next meeting

The next meeting will be on 19 May starting at 7pm with the Annual Parish Meeting


Annual Parish Meeting

On Tuesday 19th May, 2015 we will be holding our Annual Parish Meeting in the Village Hall commencing at 7pm.  You are welcome to come along and have a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit and hear what your Parish Council and your local organizations have been doing over the last year.   If duties allow, our local PCSOs will be attendance to respond to villagers questions as will the Area Highways Manager, Kevin Brumfield, who will talk about the A6121 as it passes the village.  Put the date in your diary and come and join us.

Forthcoming village events:

Saturday, 23rd May - Cutwater Productions present 'The Great British Bake Off' in the village hall. Details to follow in ‘Village News’ and notice boards

Saturday, 30th May 2-4pm - Carlby Gardeners present  ‘The Great British Bee Party’.  Details to follow in  ‘Village News’ and notice boards