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The Parish Council has introduced an email network to put news round the village quickly about events and matters of interest. Called 'Carlby On-line', the latest newsletter gives an account of the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council. To sign up to the network (which, of course, is free) contact the Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood on

Annual Parish Meeting – this was held on 19 May in the village hall. There were thirteen members of the public present along with six Parish Councillors, Mr. Wilkins the SKDC councillor, Marlowe Bramich PCSO and Kevin Brumfield, Area Highways Manager. They were later joined by County Councillor Trollope-Bellew.

Six village organisations gave their reports, as did Mr. Wilkins and the County Councillor. Mr. Brumfield explained that the contractors who had resurfaced the main road by the village had used material with the wrong specification. They had carried out remedial works at their expense. It was intended to apply top surface dressing which should reduce the unevenness. This work would have a two year guarantee. It was intended to move the ‘children crossing’ sign soon and make it more visible. It was expected that the review of speed limit policy would conclude in October.

On finance, Councillor Nelson reported that the year had seen some unusually large expenditure on, for example, the speed limit signs but the PC was within budget. The precept, which had remained the same for some years, had been received, taking the monies available for the coming year to £7,636. This would enable the PC to make grants to village organisations as usual.

Madam Chair Nicky Howells gave her Annual Report as follows:

‘Firstly I would like to welcome you all to this Annual Meeting. This has once again been a busy year for the council.

Speeding in the village is an ongoing concern and the council carried a resolution this year to install speed signs. The signs have been placed at various locations within the village and the data they have provided has given us a clearer picture of the situation. We hope to further improve the speed reduction through the village. Our thanks to John and Roger who implemented this initiative and continue to work on this project.

Resurfacing has taken place on the A6121 and we hope to see this repairs carried out again in the summer. Council is pleased to report that a crossing platform has now been installed for villagers’ use on the main road to help in safer crossing to the east side bus shelter. The “children crossing” sign is not always visible in its current location and council has requested that LCC relocate it. Our County Councillor agreed this year to head up a working party to further look at safety on the A6121.

 Council also carries out regular inspection and maintenance of the village assets. My thanks to Isabel, who carries out this duty. The grit bins have been refilled and we are pleased to report that there were no traffic  incidents within the village this winter .

The council is pleased to have provided the village with a defibrillator. This was acquired by and funded through the Margaret Brown Trust. The fitting of the defibrillator was paid for by the LCC Big Society Fund, which was obtained by Councillor Trollope-Bellew.  A training session on how to use was well attended by villagers and council is now working on a First Response programme.

Our thanks to Elaine, who first advised Council of the possibility of acquiring a defib and who was instrumental in its implementation.

Council has overseen further dog fouling signs erected in hot spots within the village and continues to work with the dog warden to ensure our streets are kept clear of mess.

During the annual village walkabout, commitment was once again gained for the various footpaths and the path to the river to be cut back every 6 months. The LCC also agreed to cut back foliage obscuring signage at the junction of High Street and the A6121. They also agreed to cut back vegetation on the opposite side of the road at the bus shelter.   A longer pole was agreed for the road narrowing sign opposite 47 High Street, so that it would be more visible for oncoming traffic. Flooding issues, raised by Mr Pope, would be addressed. Any brambles near to street lights will also be cut back to avoid obstruction. Persimmon have also continued with their commitment to maintain the village Green and cut through from Templeman Drive to High Street every 6 weeks.

Councillors attended a meeting with Planning Officials from the District Council and were updated on new procedures that will come into force in the future. In light of this a review of our VDS was proposed to be undertaken by David, John and Ian to ensure that our village needs will still be met.

The council is still exploring possible sites for allotment land.

John has attended Neighbourhood Panel meetings with the PCSO’s and other local villages and updated council on issues arising.  Our thanks to John for this.

The Annual Litter Pick was conducted earlier this year and we are pleased to advise that the refuse collected this time was not as much as in previous years. Our thanks to Elaine for co-ordinating and the villagers who gave of their time to clear up the litter that was present.

In relation to ongoing training, the Council is pleased to advise that our Clerk has passed the Certificate of Local Council Administration, after a 6 month study. This gives the council a starting point for acquiring the Quality Award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme. Our  congratulations to Elaine.  I would like to thank Elaine on behalf of the council at this point for her hard work this year.

Council has once again been pleased to provide funding  for the village organisations and has agreed financial assistance to :-

The PCC - £616 – maintenance of the churchyard

The Friendly Club- £200 – towards the cost of the Annual Trip

The Gardeners Club- £50 – towards plants for the village planters and bulbs on the main road

The Playing Field Committee and The Bowls Club have submitted their applications for grants and these will be agreed at the next meeting. 

I would like to thank David at this point who manages accounts and tax for the council.

Council this year produced 2 issues of Carlby Now. These were to communicate the acquiring of the Defib, our speed watch campaign ,the email network and an Election Special.

The council has also implemented an E Group this year.  This will allow us to pass on news from the council to those who signed up to receive by email. This will be furthered developed in the coming term.

 In relation to this the Carlby Website has also been reviewed and an update applied to the Welcome to Carlby section. A hard copy is scheduled to be printed and will be held by councillors who will be able to pass on to new villagers. Out thanks to Ian for actioning this.

 As always the Council would like to thank Councillors Trollope-Bellewe and Channell for their regular attendance at our meetings and for assisting in matters that are important to the village. Also for keeping us updated on both council and district matters.

Finally I would like to thank all councillors for their valuable work in the Parish Council this year, giving of their time to serve the village.

If I may at this time, I would like to say that it has been a  privilege to serve on this council for 6 years and it has been an honour to serve as your chairman for the last 4 years. I am very proud of all that we have achieved in this time. All decisions have always been taken with what is best for the village as our guide. Carlby is lucky to have a council who looks to preserve and enhance what we have here and I would like to wish them every success in the coming term as they continue with this mantra’.

At this point retiring Madam Chair Nicky was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a voucher by the other Parish Councillors.

Other points made at the meeting: it was suggested that the APM should be advertised in Village News; PCSO Marlowe reported that there was a low level of crime in the area but villagers were welcome to report anything suspicious to the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council followed. David Nelson was elected as Chairman, with John Bavister as Vice-Chair. The Chairman remarked that the Council had two vacancies and he asked villagers, particularly younger ones and ladies, to consider putting themselves forward for cooption.

On matters arising from the meeting on 17 March, the Clerk reported that the email network had grown to 39; that the dog warden had been contacted twice; and that BT had promised a piece for Village News on progress with high-speed broadband.

County Councillor Trollope-Bellew said that his attendance at the PC might be less frequent in future as he had been elected to Vice-Chair of the County Council. Regarding statements attributed to the County Council leader, Mr. Trollope-Bellew said that there were 440 councillors in Lincolnshire. This might reduce with boundary changes but it remained a question to be asked as to whether unitary authorities might be more economical.

Grants to the Playing Field Committee and the Bowls Club were agreed. As were the PC targets for 2015/15, which would be publicised. It was agreed that a start should be made on pulling together a village publication on safety issues. How this was communicated would need careful consideration. The particular areas of interest for individual councillors were agreed as:

David Nelson – finance; Ian Dair – Press/website/VDS; John Bavister – planning/speed monitoring/ emergency plan; Roger Easton – speed monitoring/ emergency plan; Isobel Robson - assets

The sub-committee reviewing the VDS presented their report. This recommended that the VDS remained very relevant to Carlby, whilst suggesting that some points should be re-emphasised. The report was agreed and will be sent to SKDC and placed on the website next to the VDS.

Mr. Ambrose Kingston of the Welland Trust was welcomed to the meeting. It was felt that the Trust’s offer of assistance would be better addressed at this time towards village organisations.

It was agreed that the e-group publication should attempt to cover all village activities as well as PC matters. Some thought would be given to the name of the e-group to reflect this.

Councillor Robson reported that village assets were generally in good condition although some cutting back on public footpaths would be needed; and the Manor Road notice board might need re-varnishing.

The audit of accounts had been carried out. Cash in the account stood at £7,635 (but would be less when agreed grants were paid). The next meeting will be on 21 July.


 Litter pick - the annual Carlby litter pick, organised by Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood, resulted in the collection of 15 large bags of rubbish - and one car bumper. The eight hardy souls who braved the early rain to collect litter in and around the village are pictured (Isee picture gallery) at the village hall before setting off.