Carlby news

A commemorative service was held in the church on Sunday 3 August to remember the men of Carlby who lost their life in the Great War. An article on them, particularly the four Stooke brothers who died, is below in attachments under 'No Saving Private Stooke'.


Litter pick - on a cold but bright Saturday morning in March, 16 villagers turned out for the first Carlby litter pick. A total of 37 bags of rubbish were collected . Among the more unusual items were two car bumpers, 1 traffic cone, 6 wheel trims, 1 duvet and a car battery. Parish Clerk Elaine Allwood, who organised the litter pick said 'This went very well, thanks to the efforts of the villagers who turned out. Hopefully, from this good beginning we can make this an annual event'. See photo in gallery.

The Annual Parish Meeting on 21 May 2013 was well attended. Present were 18 villagers, all our Councillors and the Parish Clerk, the three members of our Neighbourhood Policing Team and our County and District Councillors.

Madam Chair Nicky Howells gave her Annual Report on 20 May 2014:

‘Firstly I would like to welcome everyone to the meeting.

Council has again been busy this past year, working hard for the benefit of the village.

The annual village walkabout with LCC Highways has taken place and we are pleased to report that Lcc will continue to cut back the brambles on the village footpaths twice yearly.  The grit bins will continue to be maintained and filled as required and council has purchased new shovels for use within. LCC will also continue to cut back and maintain the verges on the main A6121.

Persimmon will also continue to cut the village Green and maintain the access from Templeman Drive to High Street.

In addition the parish council has also now also provided waste bins at both bus shelters.

Dog fouling signs have been erected to remind residents to clear up after their dogs and the dog warden makes regular visits.  The council also placed reminder notices in the Village News Letter.

I would like to thank Isabel at this time for checking regularly on the village assets and delivering a report at each meeting. 

John and Roger have assessed the Emergency Plan supplies and updated accordingly – my thanks to them both.

Council is still hopeful to acquire allotment land for the village and continues to explore possibilities.

Council has continued with its commitment to training and as such the following has taken place this year.

John and myself have attended Planning training

Elaine has attended clerk and finance courses and will this year also undertake CILCA training

Council is able to report that the VDS – Village Design Statement has now been adopted and as such will be taken into consideration regarding any further planning applications.

Our thanks to Ian who managed the final draft.

Council continues to support the various clubs within the village and last year provided the following funds:

Friendly club - £200 – coach trip

Playing Field  £2140 – maintenance of facilities

PCC - £400 grass cutting

Council has been able to maintain the current precept of £6300 in line with the 5 year plan.I would like to thank David at this point who manages the accounts and tax for the council.

The council would like to thank Councillors Trolloppe-Bellew and Channel for their regular attendance at our meetings and for their assistance in matters that are important to the village. Also for keeping us regularly informed on both council and district matters.

I would like to thank Elaine – our clerk – for all her hard work this year. 

Finally I would like to thank all councillors for their valuable work on the Parish Council, giving of their time to serve the village’.