Carlby Village Design Statement


Carlby Village Design Statement

Following consultation with villagers, the Statement was finalised by the Parish Council and submitted to SKDC.  The District Council have now approved the Statement as a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications.

The Statement can be viewed below. It was reviewed by the PC on 19 May and the following report has been made to SKDC:

Review of the Carlby Village Design Statement

We consider that the VDS remains highly relevant to the village and we recommend that it should be re-adopted as a whole by the P.C. In doing so, the P.C. should re-emphasise its main points, as being very pertinent within the present climate of pressure for more housing These are:

1.      The principle approach

The VDS supports the approach in the SKDC Core Strategy which foresees only limited development in less sustainable communities, Carlby being designated as one. We recommend that SKDC should continue this approach within any review of its strategy.


2.      Where development may be acceptable (within the Spatial Strategy)

i.                    Any new housing should be on a small scale and in keeping with, or adding to, the village environment and be designed along the design principles in the VDS

ii.                  Exceptional sites should only be considered if their development has features or merits which bring benefits to the village.

iii.                Any infill should have an adequate ratio of garden to dwelling footprint in keeping with a rural environment.


3.      Where development (within the Spatial Strategy) is not acceptable

i.                    the green spaces in the village and paddocks on its fringe should be protected from development.

ii.                  Large gardens should be protected from backland development and from ‘garden grabbing’ (thus supporting PPS3)