Playing Fields

Playing Fields Committee. The Playing Field Committee are pleased to announce that we have regrouped, with Sheena Dovey taking the Chairman Role, Steph Davey taking  Vice Chair position, Andrew Lytle as Secretary and Henk Landeweerd as Treasurer. W also have existing and new committee members - which is wonderful news to keep our playing field operating and we thank you for giving your time.


Please feel free to join us. Over the coming months we will be investigating the possibility of grants to replace the equipment on the Playing Field. This is no small task, as I am sure you will appreciate, and we will be inviting all Carlby Villagers to submit their thoughts, via a questionnaire on the equipment you would like to see,- providing from small tots to adults.


As well a grants we are also investigating new events on the playing field, and everyone is welcon to take part. We will of course announce the events once we know. That said, we will be de-weeding the play area over the coming weeks , and having a general clear up. This is of course ongoing, and if you see any litter, it is appreciated if you can pop it in the bin. Don't forget the tennis court is free and open for all to use, and hopefully one day will produce our very own Andy Murray!

For more details on the Playing Field visit our 'Carlby Playing Fields' Community' Facebook page.