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Parish Council Meeting

The latest Caythorpe and Frieston Parish Council Meeting was the Annual Parish Council Meeting and due to lockdown regulations was held using Zoom on 13th May 2020. The meeting was held in this fashion following government announcements not to hold face to face meetings and thereby ensuring the wellbeing and safety of CFPC members.

The draft minutes of this meeting can be found in the minutes section of this website.

COVID-19 News – from Lincolnshire County Council

 This week - w/e 22.05.20

Since inception and working together, the British Red Cross, British Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteers, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Preservation Service, Lincolnshire 4 x 4, LIVES, Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team (LCAT) have achieved:

  • 981- physical welfare checks
  • 493- food parcels
  • 59- prescriptions
  • 418 - volunteer groups / 7,089 volunteers (226 groups have been indemnified and are being utilised by LRF)
  • 612-  spontaneous volunteers have now been emailed and signposted towards Connect to Support. No further spontaneous volunteers will come through to us as the website has been updated as below, with the second bullet point taking them to Connect to support.

Customer Service Centre have answered over 3,700 calls through the Covid 19 Helpline for Lincolnshire residents seeking information and advice.
The Wellbeing Service Community Support Team has subsequently received and supported over 2,100 requests from those needing assistance. 
The Customer Service Centre has also made over 10,700 successful outbound contacts to those in the Extremely Vulnerable or Shielded group offering access to support should they need it. 
Together with the welfare checks completed through the CVC Cell over 11,400 in this group have now had contact through this pathway. 
The Wellbeing Extremely Vulnerable Support Team has enabled over 2,300 Lincolnshire residents to be connected to appropriate support utilising the NHS Volunteers, British Red Cross, Community and voluntary groups

For additional information follow:

Lincolnshire's Household Waste Recycling Centres to Re-open

Household Waste Recycling Centres will re-open on 18th May

From 18.05.20 - will only accept garden waste and wood.

From 01.06.20 - will accept garden waste, wood, scrap metal and cardboard.

Please note that a slot will need to be booked at the tip, rather than just turning up. and although this is a huge change to the operation this is in an effort to reduce the queues, manage the waste received and work within social distancing guidelines.

For additional information see the attached poster, go to  or call 01522 782070 to answer any questions.

Parish Council Vacancy Notice – 06.05.20

There is currently a vacancy on the Parish Council for a Parish Councillor due to the resignation of an existing member.

Further details regarding this notice and the required process are as follows and can also be found on this page of the website and also on village noticeboards.

A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days (not counting a Saturday or Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday, or a Bank Holiday) from the date below ten electors for the ward/parish give notice in writing claiming such an election to the Returning Officer.

 The address of The Returning Officer is:South Kesteven District Council, St. Peter’s Hill, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 6PZ

Signed requests for an election should be sent by email to  A photograph or scanned copy of a signed letter will be acceptable.

If an election is requested, a poll cannot currently take place until 6 May 2021 as a result of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and The Local Government and Police and Crime Commissioner (Coronavirus) (Postponement of Elections and Referendums) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

If an election is not requested, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.

 Posting from SKDC - Councillor Kelham Cooke

I know these are difficult times for businesses and residents of South Kesteven.

As the district’s economic growth and regeneration company, InvestSK is working hard to make sure businesses know what support is available to help them cope with the impact of Covid-19 and, crucially, how to access it. The team has responded to hundreds of enquiries from local businesses in recent weeks and created a dedicated hub on our website to collate all the relevant Government support measures for businesses during the pandemic.

But it’s important that we hear your feedback so we know if this support is enough or what more you think you need, either locally or from central Government. We’re also keen to understand your individual situation – are you still operating or have you had to close? Are you considering ways to adapt your business model and diversify your offer?

To help us gather this vital intelligence about South Kesteven’s businesses, today we’re launching a short survey which I’d encourage you to complete: click here to share your views.

On behalf of the council, InvestSK is also administering the two new grant schemes launched by Government last month to help small businesses through the Coronavirus crisis: The Small Business Grant Fund and the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund.

I’m delighted to say that the team’s hard work has seen South Kesteven District Council rank 24th out of 315 local authorities in England for speed and efficiency of getting these vital grants to local businesses. In less than 3 weeks of being allocated £31.7m of Government money to distribute, we’ve paid out £21.57m in 1,785 grants – with 900 payments made in the first 24 hours.

In this newsletter we’ve shared a quick digest of some of the key business support measures available from Government and you can find more detail on our website.

I wish you well during these unprecedented times – please keep in touch, we’re here to help you.

Best wishes,

Kelham Cooke

Chairman of InvestSK and Leader of South Kesteven District Council

LCC - Town and parish council newsletter April 2020

Please find attached a copy of the April edition of the LCC e-newsletter. It aims to keep town and parish councils informed about Lincolnshire County Council's work that you may be interested in or may wish to take part in.

Please note the section regarding Bonfires and adhere to the guidelines or even better don’t light one as the smoke will be a nuisance to your neighbours.

For more information follow this link:

Broadband Fibre - Community Information

A meeting is being sought with the Parish Council with regards to the roll out of Fibre To The Premises within the local area and to explore the process of bringing this service to more rural communities.

The meeting is an opportunity to be able to talk to the community about what we can offer the residents and go over any questions or concerns that they may have and discuss the community requirements for internet speeds, the installation process and future further steps.  (This will be arranged one the current crisis has passed.)

With sufficient community support for FTTP within the local area installation could be FREE OF CHARGE for the residents as this is assisted by utilising the Government’s Rural Gigabit scheme. (Please see attached document below for additional information)

Prescriptions – Collection & Placing Order Procedure

Prescription collection - please share via Facebook and other routes with any patients of the Practice you may know.

To help patients to observe social distancing we have made some significant changes to the process of collecting your medication from the dispensary.

If you are arriving at the surgery by car, please pull in to one of the 6 designated dispensary collection parking bays.

Once you have parked phone the number indicated on the sign and speak with a member of the dispensary team. They will ask for your details and the bay number you are parked in. They will then bring your medication to pass through the car window.

For patients who are arriving by car but do not have a mobile phone, or for patients arriving on foot to Caythorpe please come to the back door of the surgery (accessible from the carpark) and follow the instructions on the door.

For patients coming to Ancaster on foot or without a phone please come in to the dispensary as usual but observe a 6ft social distancing zone from other patients.

The above measures are for your safety, the safety of our colleagues and the safety of all of our loved ones. Please be patient this new system may be slower than usual, but we will do our very best to keep delays to a minimum.

To order your next prescription we are not currently accepting paper requests. This can now be done by phoning the surgery as normal and selecting the dispensary option from our phone system, or alternatively signing up for our online repeat prescription service. To do this please call and speak with the Practice reception team. Please leave at least 3 full working days before collecting your medication.

Thank you in advance for your help with this.


During this period of self-isolation, many of us are taking advantage of this bright sunny weather to get the gardens into shape.  Not unsurprisingly, daytime bonfires are on the increase and this is an appropriate time to again ask that parishioners follow the request made last year to light any bonfires only after dusk (sunset).  This is particularly relevant given the current situation with increased numbers enjoying the garden: smoke from bonfires exacerbating respiratory diseases in both the young and elderly does nothing for sufferer’s ability to overcome a potential infection with the Covid19 virus.

Speaking politely to your neighbour who has a bonfire, pointing out that it is a nuisance and requesting they desist until after dusk, will normally do the trick; however, if you can’t  - and or the problem persists - then ring South Kesteven District Council Environmental Department who have sanctioning powers under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

CFPC – Supporting the Vulnerable

The Parish Council held a meeting in the village Hall on the 17th of March 2020, to see how we could assist members of our community during the Coronavirus (Corvid-19) outbreak. We will be doing this in conjunction with the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF) who coordinate countywide volunteers and assistance.

The parish council has decided that it will, as far as possible, help the parishioners who decide they need to self-isolate, and these could be two separate groups.

i)  the vulnerable members of the parish, that is those with underlying illness or are over 70 and are self-isolating for their protection

ii) people who have identified either they or a member of their family have been exposed to the virus and now waiting to see if it develops or they know they have the virus and are isolating until they are virus free

The type of help being offered by the parish council will be collecting

·       shopping

·       medicines

·       delivering reading books magazines or newspapers

·       Providing a friendly phone call

·       posting Mail (only for the people in group (I to avoid contamination)

For additional information, please see the attached notes of this meeting.

South Kesteven Local Plan 2011-2036 - Statement of the adoption of the South Kesteven local Plan

Notice is hereby given, in accordance with regulations 17 and 26 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 (as amended), that South Kesteven District Council adopted the South Kesteven Local Plan under the provisions of section 23 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 as amended by section 112 of the Localism Act 2011) on 30th January 2020.  See attached notice for additional information

Local Plan

The Local Plan and Inspectors Report are now available for public viewing. See attached notice for additional information:

South Kesteven Local Plan 2011-2036 - Notice of Publication of the Inspector’s Report

Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012

Policing Policy in Lincolnshire - Survey

A SURVEY designed to gather the views of thousands of people about the future of policing has been launched by Marc Jones, The Police & Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire. For more information and how to complete this survey see the attached document below:   


A report produced by the Parish Council is attached that gives a broad overview of the way forward with the Parish Plan. It describes the alternative of a Neighbourhood Plan, what it is and the stages of producing that plan from conception to adoption.

The Parish Plan

The current Parish Plan was adopted and launched in 2016 after extensive consultation with the community and expires in 2021. A copy of the plan is on the Parish Council Website 

The plan guides the decisions of the Parish Council and progress towards the objectives that were agreed by the community are reviewed regularly, as well as formally at the Annual Parish Meeting each May.

The Neighbourhood Plan

The alternative to the Parish Plan is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which would allow the community to influence the way the village changes and develops.  The planning authorities must take the Neighbourhood Plan into account in reaching decisions when the Plan has been approved.

The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan allows the community to have a say in its own future but its preparation will require that the community buys into the process.

The Future

This current Parish Plan expires in 2021 so it is the right time to decide if it should be updated to reflect changes in the last five years or if it should be replaced with a new Neighbourhood Plan.  The Neighbourhood Plan is much more detailed but carries a lot more weight in securing the requirements of the Parish and community over a much greater period of time.

With this in mind and having read the attached report you are all invited to express your views on;

a.      Whether you would like to see a Neighbourhood Plan produced for this Village?

b.       If you would like to be part of producing this plan for 2021 by being a member of the steering group or a working group?

 The intention is that once a suitable level of interest is obtained a village meeting will be convened to agree the plan of action. 

Interested, then please submit your comments and if you would like to be involved to the Parish Clerk at for collation and presentation at the next Parish Council meeting, no later than Friday 1st November.

The Problem of Dog Fouling

A considerable amount of time, effort and your money from the Parish Precept has  been spent recently on the problem of dog fouling within the Parish.   Fortunately, most dog walkers are responsible and clear up after their pets, for which we are all grateful.  This plea is to the few who consistently don’t.

The clocks are due to go back, and, in a few weeks, schoolchildren will be walking home at dusk.  Kids don’t look where they are going half the time anyway, and with dark evenings as well, if dog poo is on the footpath, they are going to step in it. Please do  your bit for your village  “bag it and bin it.”

Bagged poo can go in ANY litter bin, not just those provided specially for the purpose, and there are plenty of them around the village. Dog fouling is an offence, but perhaps more importantly it is inconsiderate and a health hazard. For the sake of footwear and carpets everywhere, please, please clear up after your dog.

Noise from the Clay Pigeon Shoot – Nr Brandon – Are you Affected?

There is a diary sheet attached below to be filled in by individual residents who feel affected by the noise from the clay pigeon shoot.  They should be returned to Pete Rogers, Environmental Health, SKDC;   email -

Arrangements to visit premises and noise monitoring may be undertaken from their addresses to provide evidence of the impact in person or with a sound level meter ( or both). 

When completing a form, It is important that when describing how the noise affects them, the most useful comments are how it changes their behaviour. For example: I had to go in from the garden and therefore couldn’t enjoy sitting in it reading a book or speaking to visitors/doing the gardening etc; I had to close my windows; I couldn’t hear the TV; my children couldn’t get to sleep; I can no longer walk my dog/jog/ride my horse etc in the area;  I think that gives the idea.

This is the only way Environmental Health can be provided with the evidence of a wider negative community impact which is necessary for a community protection notice to be considered.

Rural Crime

Following the recent Rural Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting, Superintendent Mark Housley, from Lincolnshire Police has issued a copy of the Lincolnshire Police Rural Community Safety Strategy document. (See attached file for more information)

Please find attached the latest copy of our rural crime newsletter.

This is produced bi-monthly and this edition focuses on Operation Galileo, our operation to tackle hare coursing.  This is currently circulated to all Lincolnshire members of the National Farmers Union and the Countryside Land and Business Association.

Local Planning

Details of local planning applications can now be found in the planning section of this website.