Caythorpe Church Today

Much work has been done to make this Church more welcoming and adaptable for modern public worship.  History has been recorded in the ‘Arnhem Aisle’ and the Millennium Tapestry.  There have also been quieter changes to aid the spiritual life of all who visit this holy place.  The reserved Sacrament is now available, and there is a new altar and the creation of a Lady Chapel.  The Aumbry and the Nave Altar, together with a set of new hymn books and hymn boards, two Altar Frontals, the Burse and Veil, the five Pulpit Falls, the 18 Chancel chairs and 1 chair for the Lady Chapel, the Credence Table and the Pascal Candle Stand and the book stand in the Arnhem Aisle have all been made possible by the work of a parishioner and his wife. From bits of wood, he fashions small holding crosses that can be held in the hand.  Over the last 15 years they have lovingly made and boxed some 2,609 crosses, which have been sent all over the United Kingdom and to many parts of the world.  It is the donations sent by the recipients of these crosses that have made these enhancements possible and we, the congregation, welcome the opportunity to thank them. 

Over the past 50 years many thousands of pounds have been spent on essential restoration and repair but a recent church survey made it clear that re-roofing the Nave, re-pointing the Spire and replacing the bird guards in the Spire are now required.  We are delighted that the English Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded us £78,000 and this grant will make a huge contribution to the cost of the work. 

The Fund gives the grant in two stages.  £10,000 is being given this year for preparatory work (required surveys and a schedule of work).  £68,000 will then be released in 2013 provided that the combination of our own efforts and gifts from other grant bodies raise the remaining amount required (approx £66,000).  As at April 2012 we have secured £16,000.

To raise the money the PCC is applying to other grant making organizations all of whom will expect to know of the village's own fund raising efforts.  An appeal committee has been set up and a number of events have been planned.  The support of everyone in the village and further afield will be crucially important. 

The church is the focal building of the village and is used for many non-religious purposes in addition to its formal services, to mention just a few examples: for Music in Quiet Places, other concerts, Primary School events and for the Festival Singers and Hand Bell group who practice and perform there. If you wish to assist and/or have any ideas for fund raising please don’t hesitate to let us know.  All fund raising ideas are welcome - please contact our churchwardens Jo Russell on 01400 273551 or John Scott on 01400 272974.

We hope that you have enjoyed your visit to our Church and had opportunity to pause and be refreshed in the stillness of this living House of God.