There is a fine peal of eight Bells by Mears of London.   In 1896, the Whitechapel Foundry tuned the six larger Bells, rehanging them and repairing the frame.  However, in 1913 it was deemed necessary to obtain expert advice as the Bells were not ringing true and seemed out of tune. Messrs John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough were asked to advise.  They said at once that it was not safe to ring the Bells, and further reported:  "The Bells are in a very bad condition, the frame weak and rickety, the fittings loose and much worn. The two smallest Bells are very 'wild' and unmusical in tone and must be recast; the six largest should be tuned as they are considerably out of tune, and a great improvement could be made by tuning." The work was carried out and the old inscriptions reproduced on the Bells:

I. 'Tinnitus rapidos scintillans spargo per auras' The gift of Will Wilson. (Diam 29"). (I sparkling scatter through the air the rapid sounds).

2. 'Nos sumus constructi ad laudem Domini 1759' The gift of William Wilson. (Diam 29"). (We are cast to the praise of the Lord).

3. 'Omnia fiant ad gloriam Dei' The gift of William Wilson AD 1744. (Diam 30"). (Let all be done to the glory of God).

4.'The gift of Tho. Pochin Esq'. (Diam 33", inscription incised)).

5. 'Omnia fiant ad gloriam Dei' AD1744. (Diam 33"). (Let all be done to the glory of God).

6. Rich. Seamor, Tho Pickworth,  Wardens (1656). (Diam 36").

7. 'All men that hear my mournful sound repent before you lie in ground' 1639. (Diam 38")

8. 'God preserve all our benefactors' Richard Metheringham & John Buttler: Church Wardens AD1744. (Diam 41").

The work including a new Iron Frame cost £257.  Now 90 years later futher extensive restoration work is now essential with current estimates of the cost being £16,000!

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