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The Neighbourhood Plan Referendum 

As many residents in the village will be aware Cherry Willingham Parish Council has been preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the village over the past few years. This has involved significant consultation with residents, landowners and other stakeholders and has also had professional planning input.
The Neighbourhood Plan has now been completed, has been verified as complying with planning law by an independent examiner and will now go to a referendum on 17th January 2019 as to whether the village wishes to accept the Neighbourhood Plan. If the plan is approved in the referendum it will then form part of planning law and will be used in conjunction with national planning policy and other wider more strategic plans (The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan in our case) to make planning decisions on new development proposals in the village.
A copy of the plan itself can be downloaded together with supporting documentation from the following link:
One point that is often misunderstood is that in basic terms Neighbourhood Plans have to comply with and accept the housing allocations proposed by the more strategic level plans - The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan in this case. The Neighbourhood Plan add additional detail which is of local importance and put emphasis on certain local issues but it cannot stop development proposed by higher level plans.
There have been a few questions over the housing allocation sites to the east of Cherry Willingham as some residents are not in favour of these sites being developed. It's important to remember that the Cherry Willingham Neighbourhood Plan does NOT propose these sites for development - they are proposed in the more strategic Central Lincolnshire Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan must comply with this policy. Voting against the Neighbourhood Plan will NOT prevent the housing allocations to the east of Cherry Willingham being developed.
A NP can propose more housing additional to that allocated in the Local Plan but in Cherry Willingham's case it was felt (and generally agreed with in consultations) that the new housing allocated in the Local Plan was as much as the village could take. In effect the housing proposed to the east of the village is likely to take place regardless of the Neighbourhood Plan being passed or not. Ultimately residents must take a decision on whether to vote for the plan on the issues in the plan but whether the housing to the east of the village happens or not isn't a factor determined by the Neighbourhood Plan.
All registered voters should have already or should shortly receive a voting card from West Lindsey District Council who organise the referendum. Anyone who thinks they are eligible to vote and have not received a voting card should contact West Lindsey DC directly.

Cherry Willingham Parish Council


Do you know an unsung village hero or heroine?  An individual who willingly gives up their time to assist fellow residents in whatever way they can? Someone who makes a consistent, positive difference to our community?  Maybe they help run a village club or group or are simply a good neighbour to many. If so, why don’t you put them forward to be considered for receiving The Stead Community Award 2018.  This is awarded annually by the parish council to a resident who has made a positive contribution to our community.  If you know of an individual whom you feel deserves the award in 2018, you are invited to submit a written nomination to the Parish Clerk by noon on Thursday 15th March.   You will need to obtain their permission first (please confirm this in your letter) and provide your own details in case we need to check anything with you.  Nominations must be for an individual, not a group, and councillors are excluded.  Please feel free to re-nominate a person who you have nominated in the past who was not successful on that occasion. A winner will be selected at the March full council meeting.

Marina Development

As many will already be aware a planning application has recently been submitted to West Lindsey District Council for a marina and residential development to the south of Fiskerton Road in Cherry Willingham nearby its junction with Church Lane. Planning permission already exists for a marina on this site however the developer has submitted a new application for a new design with additional residential development to help fund the development.

Full details of the development can be viewed on West Lindsey DC's web site at:

Although Cherry Willingham Parish Council do not decide whether planning permission will be granted for this development the PC will be commenting on the development on behalf of the whole village. Although the Parish Council will be commenting on the planning application it is important that residents also directly submit comments to West Lindsey DC using the comment form on the above link or by writing to Director of Regeneration and Planning, West Lindsey District Council, Guildhall, Marshall's Yard, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2NA or by emailing

Summer Events

Have you got any good ideas for a summer event in Cherry next year? For the last few years the Parish Council has been running a Village Gala at the Community School.  However, it's time for a revamp and we have just had some exciting discussions about this with the Head of the new Pembroke Academy (formerly Cherry Willingham Community School). If you have an idea for a village summer event that would capture people's imaginations we would like to hear it.  It could be something you have seen work elsewhere or your own unique idea!  Please pass your suggestions onto the Parish Council via the clerk or any Parish Councillor.  If you would like to be involved in helping plan and deliver an event, please let the clerk have your details and we will get in touch with you.

Parish Council Email List

The Parish Council has set up a new Email List to help keep residents informed about the Parish Council's business. Please see the 'Parish Council Email List' item on the menu to the left for more information on how to sign up to receive emails.

Cherry Willingham Parish Council Information 

The Cherry Willingham Parish Council welcomes and values involvement in parish affairs by all parishioners whether it be by correspondence or attendance at Council meetings.

The Parish Council meets on the third Monday of every month at 7.30 pm in the Millennium Hall. The meetings always start with an Open Session at which parishioners are welcome  to raise topics of concern

We are a body of elected or co-opted unpaid Councillors with responsibility for the burial ground, the playing fields and the Green/Le Grand Luce Gardens plus other local matters including dealing with applications for burials, reviewing planning applications, reporting of highway/footway issues and street lighting problems.

 For Details of the Individual Councillors and their roles please see the “Councillors” page.