The Witham Valley Access Project

Promoting safe cycling and walking routes in the local area.

Although the footpath was not reinstated due to being unable to prove continuous usage of one footpath over 20yrs we have launched an appeal and we are awaiting the outcome.

The Project is progressing well and we are hopeful of achieving at least some of the objectives in the near future. The application for re-instatement of the footpath to the river has moved to the top of the list following a reassessment of the criteria. The case for usage over a 20yr period has been proved and we are waiting information on the next steps. 

LCC Highways have agreed in principle to the request for a cyclepath along Fiskerton Road and have stated that we will achieve our objective quicker if we can match fund so we have started the applications for funding with the first one going to the Health Department.

Going more slowly is our search for information on an old footpath from Green Lane to Hawthorn Road.

We have received masses of support from villagers; signatures to the petition approaching 700; hits on the web site; numerous letters of support and people actively offering help.

Thank you to everyone and may the momentum continue. There are copies of two letters attached below for you to use as an example if you feel able to help by keeping up the pressure - one to Edward Leigh the local MP and the other to Richard Wills, LCC Highways. The secret to success is to keep lobbying.

To provide access to the Witham Valley for local residents on the North Bank. Includes:

  • Footpath/cyclepath access to the river from Cherry Willingham
  • Footpath/cyclepath from Fiskerton to Greetwell Church (giving a circular, off road walk via river, existing footpaths & Viking Way)
  • Footpath cyclepath access to the Water Railway via a bridge over the Witham in the vicinity of Cherry Willingham
  • Safe footpath/cyclepath from the Hawthorn Road area to the Centre of Cherry Willingham


  • Promote environmental energy saving by encouraging use of alternative transport with the provision of save routes for both work & pleasure.
  • Encourage exercise by providing local with circular walks, enhancing existing networks giving locals access to existing amenities.
  • Opening up educational opportunities for local school children with access to nature in a safe environment   
  • Connecting Communities and encouraging active involvement between local villages
Affected Areas: Cherry Willingham, Reepham, Fiskerton, Washingborough, Heighington, Greetwell, Carlton Estate & future developments in the Quarry (1200 new homes).

Wider Community: Nettleham, Sudbrooke, & Scothern. Local schools, Walking Clubs, Birdwatching Societies, Fishing Groups, cyclists using the Number 1 route.

Parish Councillors: Jenny Robinson, Irmgard Parrott & Anne Welburn

Support Committee: Roger Thompson, Barry Robinson, Dave Leonard, Peter & Rita Lynch, Trevor & Alex Bridgwood

Other Interested Parties: Environment Agencies, Sustrans, County Council Highways, North Kesteven, West Lindsey, British Waterways