Lady Meers Pond Project

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Project Outline


The Lady Meers Pond is all that remains of a once extensive network of ancient carp ponds as over the last twenty years all but one of the ponds have disappeared under new road/ housing developments . However after years of neglect it is overgrown and the trees/shrubs planted within the margins of the pond have overgrown, fencing is in need of repair and repainting, overgrown and dead vegetation needs thinning/clearing out. The Parish Council and Local residents are determined to see that the wildlife and scenery are cared for properly and have taken up the challenge of ensuring that this pond area is sensitively restored and maintained for the benefit of local people. Initial tests  have  discovered a small great crested newt colony and it is hoped that by making improvements they will flourish and the pond will again become a haven for insects, birds and other wildlife. The development and enhancement of the adjacent grassed area through the planting of trees / flora and fauna will create a safe haven for wildlife whilst improving access so that everyone can enjoy a quiet moment amongst the wildlife.

We ran a consultation day at the pond in August and also sent out household surveys (see supporting documentation) residents stated  that they wanted: The Pond area to be cleaned up and fencing repaired/ A duck raft to protect stop ducklings being attacked by neighborhood cats/ Plaques information regarding the history of the pond / great crested newts / overgrown vegetation to be thinned out/ Kept natural/ Plant trees on bare areas/ More Trees / Shrubs / Planting for wild life / Wild flower planting / Nesting / Bird boxes / Bin / wildlife habitat creation/ Native plants  / Tidy up `stone area' /Nothing to formal/Central Feature such as mature tree/Evergreen Shrubs/Spring Bulbs such as daffodils/Local children still able to use the area to play/Make boundaries more secure offer privacy to adjacent properties/Definition of area/ entry  point.