Cherry Willingham 2020

Developing a Vision & Plan for the Future of the Village and Its Community



In March 2011 the Parish Council raised the question of producing a ‘parish plan’ at a very well-attended Annual Parish Meeting. Following a presentation by Community Lincs ( residents present indicated a clear wish that the process be set in motion and a Steering Group be appointed to:

1. To produce a shared vision of life in Cherry Willingham, along with practical plans/actions for achieving that vision.

2. To engage as many residents of the village as possible in this process.

Residents were invited to be a part of this and eventually twelve people set to work. On the advice of Community Lincs the Group adopted the nationally recognised nine-stage Community Led Plan Toolkit and followed it to the end.

In September 2011 residents were invited to complete a Love It/Hate It Survey. Their responses made it clear that they felt that the village is a good place to live, partly because of its rural feel and partly because of its proximity to the employment, facilities and amenities provided by the city of Lincoln. There is also an appreciation of the facilities and amenities within the village and of the friendly spirit to be found here alongside the valuable role of volunteers and voluntary organisations.

Residents’ responses were used to frame some thoughts about the future which were the subject of another major consultation at another well-attended 2012 Annual Parish Meeting.

The Group initiated the idea of a Community Gala which was held on 1 July 2012 under the banner ‘Midsummer Madness’ - along with the Primary School Summer Fair and the Church Summer Fete. At each event residents were further consulted.

The material for each these consultations and the associated questionnaires, along with analysis of residents’ responses can be found on this site.

Based on these consultations the Group produced the Vision and Plan document which is accessible here. This was presented to residents at the 2013 Annual Parish Meeting.

The Vision: Building on all that is good about the village and community now, our vision is to create a friendlier, greener, safer, healthier place to live; with enhanced facilities and services which meet the needs of all residents; supported by a volunteering community, vibrant voluntary organisations and partnerships and strong relationships with other agencies whether statutory or charitable.

The Vision and Plan document sets out how this vision can be achieved. Two key themes throughout our proposals are the need for effective partnerships and a strengthening of the role of volunteers and voluntary organisations. An Implementation & Monitoring Group is being established to oversee the Plan looking towards 2020.

One major task which the Parish Council will undertake - drawing on the 2020 consultations - is the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.

As part of the nationally agreed process which the CW2020 Steering Group has followed, the report has been awarded the Community Lincs quality standard kitemark.

If you wish to know more about any part of this process, or would like to get involved in some way in its delivery, please contact the Parish Clerk at the Millennium Hall, phone number 01522 753398 or e-mail: