Dog Orders

Cherry Willingham has for many years had a local by-law prohibiting dogs from certain areas of the village, unfortunately this is now out of date and we have taken steps to update our dog control orders.

At the full council meeting in June the Cherry Willingham Parish Council has made the following dog control order as authorised by sections 55 and 56 of the Clean Neighbourhood and Environment Act 2005.

Within the parish boundaries of Cherry Willingham all dogs must be kept on a lead whilst in public places. This means all public roads and some rights of way within Cherry Willingham. A map showing the affected areas can be seen at the Parish Office.

If your dog defecates in a public area within the parish boundaries then it is the dog handlers’ responsibility to pick up the faeces and either take them home or put in one of the dog bins situated throughout Cherry Willingham. There is an exemption for guide dogs only. A map showing the affected areas can be seen at the Parish Office.

All dogs are banned from the Laburnum Drive playing fields and the St Pauls Avenue Play Area. A map showing the affected areas can be seen at the Parish Office. There is an exemption for guide dogs and assistance dogs.

Failure to comply with any aspect of this dog control order will result in the issue of a fixed penalty notice which may lead to prosecution, which in turn may result in a maximum fine of £1000.

This dog order was first publicised in the March Cherry News and since then the Council has received complaints from residents about dog owners allowing their dogs to either urinate or defecate on private property especially front gardens and then leave the mess for the owners of the property to pick up. This is not acceptable as it is the owner/handler’s responsibility to make sure that any mess is picked up and disposed of properly and that the dog does not use a private garden. Please note that if a red dog bin is not nearby the mess can be put in a normal waste bin, provided it is double bagged.

Another source of complaint was the unacceptable behaviour of a minority of dogs. To that end the Council has decided to adopt a code of conduct for all dog owners.