Project definition

Aim: On behalf of the Parish Council to steer the production of a Neighbourhood Plan for the village in accordance with guidelines and powers laid down by the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG). Objective: 1 To produce an action plan in accordance with e.g. Neighbourhood Plan Road Map produced by Locality and to agree this with the Council. 2 To consult with West Lindsey District Council (WLDC), at all stages for the process, as the ‘planning authority’ to whom the Plan must be submitted. 3 To establish what information has already been gathered as part of the development of the Community-Led Plan and its relevance to the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. 4 To inform residents about the decision to produce the Plan and to undertake such further community engagement as is thought necessary. 5 To assess the impact of other local plans being produced (e.g. the Central Lincolnshire Core Strategy) on the village. 6 To determine what professional advice/services may be required and the costs of accessing these. 7 To advise the Council on the costs of undertaking this process, including professional services and the cost of a referendum and to liaise with WLDC as to funding available through DCLG and other sources. 8 To undertake the work to produce a Neighbourhood Plan based on the action plan as agreed under 1. Above and to inform the Council about progress. To establish the requirements for holding a referendum and to plan for this at the appropriate time.