Extracts from the Monumental Incriptions

Extracts from the Monumental Incriptions of the St. Peter and St. Paul Churchyard obtained from the Lincolnshire Archives

In memory of John Jones who died August 1826 aged 42yrs. 
      "Domestic Service was my early lot
       and in one house years not a few I passed
       Gentle my Master was, my Mistress kind
       Thank Heaven I faithful was from first to last"

In memory of Francis Featherby who departed this life
              17th November 1781 aged 85yrs

To the memory of George Burnett son of John & Rebecca Burnett who died May 12th 1831 aged 26yrs.
        An instance here you have before your eyes
        How soon the healtiest mans cut down and dies
        At morn I was in health, the some at noon
        But e're the night was gone my glass was run.