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Hi all, The churches in my area now have a website - you may wish to refer to it on your Parish Council websites. The address is also the Church Office is now telephone number remains as mine 01522 595596 Hope that helps! Penny

NEWS 2014

14/11/14       Public meeting re stopping of Hawthorn Road, Comprehensive School 7pm.

14/10/14            There was a fuel spillage on Fiskerton Road where cars were slipping and one car came off the road, there were no injuries and the spillage was dealt with.

17/10/14            A quantity of sand was reported to have been left partially on the road on Waterford Lane.

17/10/14            Cars were parked inconsiderately on Waterford Lane, Warning notices were issued and the area will be checked.

26/10/14            There were tyres stolen from a vehicle from St. Simons drive.

29/10/14            There was a report of suspicious males trying to collect for charity on Hawthorn Avenue.

10/11/14            There was a report of bogus charity bags being delivered to Thornton Way.

22nd Oct Special meeting of West Lindsey District Council to debate over-building in the fringe village. 4.30pm drop in session. 6.30pm Ex Council Meeting. 7pm Debate. Venue: EPIC Centre, Lincolnshire Showground

Oct: Meeting re stopping of Hawthorn Road will be held on Friday Nov 14th 7pm in Cherry Willingham, further details to follow, please diary the date.

16/09/2014        A vehicle on Lady Meers Road had paint thrown over it in the early hours of the morning.
19/09/2014        A tree fell, blocking the road on Waterford Lane, highways were informed and the tree was removed.

19/09/2014        A group of youths were allegedly causing a disturbance on Newton Drive, no trace was found when officers arrived.

24/09/2014        A tyre on a vehicle was slashed on Rudgard Avenue.

30/09/2014        There was a report of a male allegedly selling drugs on The Parade.

07/10/2014        There was a single vehicle RTC on Croft Lane, there were no injuries.

29/08/2014        There was an RTC between two vehicles on Croft Lane.
02/09/2014        A male canvassing for the Royal British Legion was reported as being suspicious, officers attending found everything to be above board.
05/09/2014        Damage has been done to the Army Cadet Force building.
05/09/2014        There has been damage done to a vehicle on Lady Meers Road, the car has been keyed down one side.

15/07/2014        A dozen individuals were reported for dancing and shouting in the park and revving scooters, advice and re-assurance were given to the caller.
16/07/2014        A vehicle was scratched in St. Luke’s Close.
19/07/2014        A person was reported for shooting in a near-by field, officers talked to this person and all was in order.
21/07/2014        Two motorcyclists were seen riding at speed with no helmets through the village, officers responding found one on the motorcycles abandoned in a ditch near the airfield.
21/07/2014        There was a suspicious male offering to repair drive ways on Lady Meers Road, when officers arrived there was no trace of the male.
24/07/2014        A cycle was stolen from a garage on Newton Drive.
31/07/2014        There was an attempted break-in of one property on the Parade and a burglary of another in the night.
03/08/2014        A car was broken into and items stolen on Rosedale Close.
05/08/2014        A garage was broken into and two cycles were stolen on the High Street.
09/08/2014        A large branch fell into the road near The Parade, highways were informed to remove it.

July - Papers re the bypass available.  See below
          Meeting with Richard Davis, Portfolio Holder for LCC Highways on 22/7/14.

June - Surface flooding on Fiskerton Road and surrounding areas. May - Petition re the blocking of Hawthorn Road presented to LCC by Louise Carder
Apr - New Health Walks starting from the Cherry Tree Café on Thursday at 10am. Please see below for full program.

June 13- The Parish Council has passed the Dog Control orders and these will come into effect on 1st July 2013. Please see this web site for more details.

April 13 - The Parade area has had a number of break-ins in recent weeks. The Police are monitoring.

April 13 - The speed camera has been on Croft Lane near the Community School and the average speed is registering at 40mph - this is in a 30mph area. Please slow down.

March 13 - The Parish Council have received the final report from the CW2020 group which has now disbanded. The work will be taken forward by an implementation and monitoring group and supported by the Parish Council. The PC has also agreed to the formation of a Community Partnership and the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Feb 13. As part of the Neighbourhood Planning Process, Parish Councils are required to apply to designate the area that they wish to plan for. Cherry Willingham Parish Council has formally applied to West Lindsey local planning authority for the whole of the area of the parish of Cherry Willingham to be the area considered for designation in the Neighbourhood Plan.

March 2010 - The pond has been cleared and newts have been sighted moving back into the area. Planting in the pond margins will begin as soon as possible.

Nov 2009 - Silt samples have been taken from the Lady Meers Pond for analysis, the results are expected mid Feb.

Oct 2009 - Nature England has given consent for the Lady Meers Pond Project to go ahead. Arrangements are now being made to start clearing the pond of weeds, silt & rubble.

Swimming for babies
For those interested in teaching babies to swim there is a baby swimming company that runs lessons at Wragby and district swimming pool, Queens Park School in Lincoln and The Total Fitness Gym in Lincoln. Classes are for babies under 1 year old and there are also toddler classes on offer. Classes concentrate on Water Safety and Water Confidence. More information can be obtained from or

The Lady Meers Pond Project
Funding has been granted from Awards for All to tidy up the pond area and improve the green. Plans will soon be available for comment.

More funds for local organisations
£500 from the Local Initiative Fund has been granted to the Cherry Willingham Bowls Club to be used towards their much needed new mower.

From 2nd March Christian Wallis will be taking up the role of West Lindsey Over 45’s activator, based at the Guildhall.  The Over 45’s project is working in partnership with Lincolnshire Sports Partnership as part of a county wide scheme. LSP are employing the Activator but WLDC are acting as hosts so that they can ensure that programmes and activities are fully coordinated. This represents an investment of over £80,000 to the District over the next 2 years and is funded by the PCT from the Health and Wellbeing Fund.

People will be encouraged to be more active by introduction to new opportunities to participate in Sport and Physical Activity and by facilitating access to existing services.  Over the two year period, the project will provide approximately 2000 (county wide) people with the opportunity to participate in sport, improving their health and confidence as well as social skills.

The project also links well with an existing Inclusive Sports Clubs development. After being successful in obtaining £10,000 from the Lottery’s Awards for All scheme, WLDC are now setting up Inclusive Sports Clubs in West Lindsey.  The money has paid for enough equipment to set up 5 clubs across the district, as well as funds to hire venues, promotion and training.  These funds will cover running clubs for a year.  During the year WLDC will be working with the clubs to constitute them and ensure they become sustainable.  Once the clubs are all up and running WLDC will be organising district wide tournaments which will then feed into a county wide competition.  So far sessions are up and running in Saxilby, Gainsborough and Market Rasen and further clubs are proposed in Cherry Willingham and Welton. The project is working in partnership with Social Services and Lincolnshire Sports Partnership.

For more information about these activities contact: Will Saville, Cultural & Community Development Officer  on 676609

We have a new LIVES responder in the village, Mr P. Staples, he has all the medical equipment, including an automatic defibrillator, and is a fully trained First Responder.

Sports Grants
Two village sports clubs have received grants from the West Lindsey District Council. £1000 has been paid to the Bowls Club which will be put towards a new bowls mat and £2500 has been awarded to the Tennis Club to enable them to purchase new equipment to maintain the floodlights.

Road Repairs
Lincolnshire County Council have set up new teams to tackle minor road problems. If you want to report any issues please ring 01522 782070

Open Gardens  - 
Sunday 22nd June 1-5pm
Following the success of the Open Garden afternoon last year, Willow Court is keen to arrange another event this year. They will supply refreshments and toilet facilities and have plants for sale and will be officially opening the ‘Kingfisher’ sensory garden. If you would like your garden to be viewed and enjoyed by fellow enthusiasts, or for more information please contact Sue on 595391

Street Force
Now there is just one number to call if you have problems in your neighbourhood. Street Force is a partnership between the Police and the District Council, it deals with: Fly tipping, Anti-social behaviour, Litter, Dog fouling and Graffiti. Call 01427 676676.

Dog Walkers Beware
A number of cars have been broken into at five mile bridge, primarily those left by people exercising their dogs on the North and South Bank of the Witham.

Develop Lincolnshire Project
Catherine Buckley is in the process of consultation with businesses on the Parade with a view to improving the area via the above project. There will be full consultations with village reps to agree further developements.

Health & Fitness for Groundwork Lincolnshire
Jenni Bagnall, Development Office is hoping to establish a fitness walk in the village as a way to improve health & fitness and meet new people. If you are interested then please join us for tea, coffee and biscuits on a date & location to be confirmed or call Jenni on 1522 546138

Safety in the village
Several safety issues have been identified in the village. 1. Parking on the access roads to the school resulting in a dangerous situation for children leaving school in the afternoon. 2. Overgrown hedges on Waterford Lane, Fiskerton Road and on some footpath throughout the village. 3. Speeding on Fiskerton Road. 4. Cherry being used as a rat run for traffic avoiding Bunkers Hill. Actions to address these are being assessed and the relevant agencies have been informed.

Everybody Benefits
Details of this scheme - preparing for winter - have been passed to the Forget-me-not Club

Weed Spraying
Weed spraying has taken place throughout the village, please report any instances of missed areas via

Lights on Holly Close
It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that there are no lights at the end of Holly Close.

Memorial Gates
The Memorial Gates have now been repaired and a quote requested for the repair of the footpath. 

Lady Meers Pond
Responsibility for the pond and surrounding area is being transfered to the Parish Council, this will take place over the coming months. Action completed.

Local Cycleway and Footpath Consultation
Many thanks to all those who completed and returned the Cycleway and Footpaths questionnaire in the May edition of the CW News.The data we have gained will be very useful in assisting the Parish Council in its decision-making. A summary of the statistics and comments can be obtained via the links below.