Neighbourhood Plan - Formal Regulation 16 Consultation

Our Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to NKDC and the Regulation 16 Consultation begins on the 19th June 2017 to the 31st July 2017. Response forms to the consultation can be ontained from the NKDC website. You can view the information published by NKDC relating to out Neighbourhood Plan by clicking the NKDC web link below and can view our documents as published below.

Coleby Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan has now gone to Regulation 16 Consutation. Give NKDC your views on the plan during the consultation period 19th June 2017 to 31st July 2017.

The version of the plan submitted contains several amendments agreed by the Parish Council as a result of comments made in the consultation that took place in March / April.  All of the comments were reported to the Parish Council on 10 May.

In the consultation, support for individual policies ranged from 82% to 98% from 57 responses.  87% agreed that the draft plan addressed key issues for Coleby Parish. Of those that disagreed, a few people thought that the plan did not go far enough and a few that it was too restrictive. 

The draft we have just submitted will now be a 'material consideration' for NKDC in making planning decisions in the Parish until the following formal processes are completed.

The final stages leading to formal adoption by NKDC will be:

  • 6 weeks final "Regulation 16" period for comments on the version submitted to NKDC (when this starts we will notify you by email and via the Parish Notice Board and copies of all documents will be on the web) 
  • Recommendations from an "Independent Examiner" taking account of that consultation and any final amendments necessary
  • A village referendum to effectively say "Yes" or "No" to the final Neighbourhood Plan
  • Formal adoption by NKDC (assuming the referendum is in favour)

Once our Plan has been formally adopted it becomes part of NKDC's planning policies.  Recent legislation has emphasised that planning authorities must take Neighbourhood Plans into account.

Parish Clerk email: