Image of one of coningsby's signs, as designed by local artist, chris pengelly.

One of Coningsby's signs, as designed by local artist, Chris Pengelly.

Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO)

Coningsby – claimed public right of way – School Lane to Dogdyke Road

Coningsby Town Council official statement dated 6th May 2016

There is no opportunity to rescind a DMMO once it has been made and the matter can only be progressed to a conclusion via the Secretary of State.

Coningsby Town Council stands by the original application made in 1997.  The request was made to establish the public right of way. The order has to be made on the right of way in its entirety, not specific sections.

The order is made based on sufficient evidence of use to reasonably allege the right of way subsists. This evidence has been collected by LCC officers not the Coningsby Town Council.

There is documentary evidence to show the right of way has existed on the ground since at least 1887. No documents have been discovered to show the way cannot be recorded as a public right of way.

Should anyone wish to apply for a deviation or closure of part of a right of way this can only be done once the right of way has been established through the DMMO process, this would be carried out again by LCC;  thus Council refer readers to the beginning of the statement.

Coningsby Town Council have no control over this DMMO all correspondence should be directed to Countryside Services, LCC Mr Chris Miller 01522 782070


Elected Councillors

Coningsby Town Council currently have a vacancy for a Town Councillor

Mrs Ruth Sharples - Chairman & Mayor of Coningsby

Glyn Olive

Martin Foster

Paddy Donnellan

Mathew Mason

Kevin Moorhouse

Mrs Marlene Wilson

Mrs Mary Walker

Mrs Sharon Beamish

Richard (Dick) Johnson

 East Lindsey District Councillors

Cllr Martin Foster

Cllr Amie Flitcroft

Cllr Stan Avison

Coningsby Town Council look forward to working with you all to serve the community


2017 opening times - Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9.30 - 12.30 each day


Clerk to the Council:  Mrs Kathy Roberts,

Assistant Clerk: Sarah Kulwicki,
Coningsby Town Council,
Town Office, Silver Street, Coningsby, Lincoln, LN4 4SG
01526 343523 


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