Town Councillors

Council members

Photo by K. Roberts & S. Kulwicki

Coningsby Town Counillors

Currently there is one seat available on Coningsby Town Council interested persons should apply in writing to the clerk.

TOWN MAYOR & Chairman

•Mrs Ruth Sharples, 95. High street, Coningsby, LN4 4RF

Deputy Mayor & vice Chairman

•Councillor Martin Foster, 8. Greenfield Road, Coningsby, LN4 4UF


•Cllr Mrs Mary Walker, 98 High Street Coningsby LN4 4RA

•Cllr Mr Kevin Moorhouse, 52 Dogdyke Rd Coningsby LN4 4TE

•Cllr Mrs Sharon Beamish 62a Dogdyke Rd Coningsby LN4 4TE

•Cllr Mrs Marlene Wilson 36 Marmion Road, Coningsby LN4 4RG

•Cllr Mr Paddy Donnellan, 5 Washington Close, Coningsby, LN4 4UD

•Cllr Glyn Olive , The Grove, Hawthorn Hill LN4 4UZ

•Cllr Mathew Mason, The Medows, Ney York Road, Hawthorne Hill, LN4 4UR

•Cllr Dick Johnson, 3A Gardeners End, Butt Lane, Tattershall LN4 4NL

All meetings to be held on a Thursday at 7.30 start time for the Council Meeting, with a 15min public forum prior to official start if needed. Dates of future meetings can be found in the Events Calendar. Please note Council do not meet during August or December.