Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

Cranwell, Brauncewell and Byard's Leap Parish Council Meetings are normally on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm.

Cranwell, Brauncewell and Byard's Leap Parish Council meeting dates for 2017.

Monday           13 February 2017
Monday           13 March 2017
Tuesday           4 April 2017  (Annual Parish Meeting)
Monday           10 April 2017
Monday           8 May 2017  (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council)
Monday           12 June 2017
Monday           10 July 2017
Monday           14 August 2017
Monday           11 September 2017
Monday           9 October 2017
Monday           13 November 2017
Monday           11 December 2017

There is a 15 minute public speaking time before every Parish Council Meeting.

This is so that members of the public have the chance to speak on agenda items prior to the official meeting starting.

These comments will be born in mind by the Council when they make a decision on agenda items during the meeting.

Please attend these meetings as your views and opinions are vital in helping the Council come to the right decision.