Calendar of Meetings 2017

Calendar of Meeting 2017

The Parish Council meeting on the first Monday of every month excluding January and August.
The meetings start at 7.00pm with a 15 minute public forum held at the beginning.
All members of the public and press are welcome to attend. 
Please Note - Due to a change in legislation ALL members of the press and public are now legally allowed to record meetings of the Parish Council (without prior arrangement) in any way they see fit provided this does not cause disruption to the meeting itself. This excludes any items that are discussed in closed session as members of the public and press are not allowed to remain during these items.

Meeting Dates 2017
No Meeting Held in January
Monday 6th February 2017
Monday 6th March 2017
Monday 3rd April 2017
Monday 8th May 2017 - Parish Meeting &Annual General Meeting
Monday 5th June  2017
Monday 3rd July 2017
No Meeting Held In August
Monday 4th September 2017
Monday 16th October 2017
Monday 6th  November 2017
Monday 4th December 2017