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Skate Park

The Parish Council is currently working with Crowland Skate Park Group to design, fundraise and commission a skate park for the use of the young (and not so young) people of the town.

More information will be posted as progress is made.

Further Road Closure at Fen Bridge, Gravel Causeway - 29 August 2017-31 October 2017


The Parish Council has been in contact with LCC Highways regarding the proposed further closure of Fen Bridge. Their response is published below:

It is unfortunately necessary for ourselves to return to Fen Bridge, as we were unable to complete the full bridge works earlier in the year. The area beneath the footpath on the southern side of the bridge could not be completed, due to ourselves being incorrectly informed of the construction type of the water mains located beneath this footway. To complete the bridgeworks it will therefore be necessary to temporarily divert these mains from their present position, and we have been awaiting the availability of Anglian Water resources to divert the water mains and allow ourselves to return to the site. Our original intention to lift and protect these mains during our earlier works was discovered to be impossible, due to the fragile nature of the old iron water mains.

We have considered the best way of completing these works, with the least disruption to the travelling public, especially considering the difficulties caused earlier in the year. The narrow width of Fen Bridge makes working safely on the structure without a road closure almost impossible and therefore we are intending to close the route only when absolutely necessary for a safe working space, which will limit the closures to the daytime working hours only.

These daytime closures will appear to be somewhat sporadic in nature, as we will only close the road when absolutely necessary. My expectation is that an initial sequence of day time road closures will be required as Anglian Water install their temporary water mains, followed by a period of minimal closures as the water mains are tested and commissioned. This will be followed by a sequence of daytime closures as Kier, our Highways Alliance partners, complete the bridgeworks. Following after this period we will return again to sporadic closures to test and commission the new permanent water main diversion in the new footway over the bridge.

Outside of these daytime road closure periods, it will be necessary to provide temporary traffic lights over the bridge, with one lane remaining closed. As the southern footway will be excavated, we will need adequate width to provide a safe pedestrian route over the bridge and to locate the two temporary water mains. Due to the long span of Fen Bridge, it is impractical to provide a temporary pedestrian and service bridge as has been previously used elsewhere.

As we are reliant on the testing and commissioning arrangements being successful we are unfortunately unable to give exact dates for these daytime road closures with any certainty in advance. It has therefore been necessary to provide the legal order for the road closure for the full duration of the works to allow ourselves the flexibility to progress these works quickly and efficiently. I can assure yourself, we will endeavour to ensure both our and Anglian Waters' contractor open the route over the bridge whenever possible and without undue delay. To ensure we have maximum control possible over the road closure, we have organised for our Alliance Partner to undertake all traffic management operations.

We will provide press releases and information in advance of the works in accordance with agreed protocols. We shall ask the travelling public to observe signs remote from the site to determine if the route is open or closed and the need to use the diversion route. Whilst we accept this uncertainty will cause some difficulty, we believe this situation to be preferable to the alternative, which would be a full road closure for the entire duration of the works.

The new waterproofing, surfacing and kerbing laid earlier this year will not be affected by the works.

Please contact myself if you have any queries about our intentions in this matter. I accept and apologise that this situation is somewhat complex, however we believe this is the least disruptive method of completing the works overall.

Kind regards,

Andrew Antcliff

The Parish Council is aware that this schedule of works is over-running.  As soon as we get an update we will amend this information.


We periodically experience spates of vandalism at Snowden Field.

The Parish Council asks that if anyone notices any vandalism (or even the vandals at work), that they report it to the Parish Clerk and the police on 101.

Snowden Pavilion

The Parish Council is currently investigating different ways of upgrading the Snowden Pavilion to enable it to be used by more members of the community.

A lot of Crowlanders remember when lots of activities and events took place in this building - dance classes, art classes, mums and tots groups, group fundraising events, family parties.  This type of usage is something that we are aiming to bring back - the outlook from the pavilion onto the Snowden field is magnificent and a worthy backdrop to many events.

The first stage of the improvements has been new toughened windows fitted looking onto the field.  This will mean that when the building is used, the shutters can be removed and the whole feel of the building changed. This was completed in time for Crowland Show.

The carpet in the main room has been cleaned.  The room is now looking a lot brighter and fresher.

The kitchen has now been updated and is looking fantastic.

New shutters have been installed on the windows facing onto the field.  The windows have been repaired, which means that once again, when the building is hired, the field can be viewed from inside.

As more improvements are approved, we will keep you updated.