Parish Council News


Crowland Parish Council and Seagate Homes, based in Holbeach, are delighted to announce they are working together with a view to delivering an exciting new housing development on Abbey Farm, James Road, Crowland. This site, which has outline planning approval for housing, is currently an allotment garden which is being relocated to a new purpose-built facility across James Road.

The proposed development will incorporate quality open market housing for general sale by Seagate, some affordable housing and a number of high specification bungalows to be built for the Parish Council which will be available for rental to local residents aged 55 or over.

The scheme is also intended to fund the regeneration of the existing under 11s playground.

Whilst the discussions are at an advanced stage no formal contract has yet been entered into and all discussions are subject to contract. Final details are subject to approval by both parties with a view to the submission of a detailed reserve matter planning application by the end of the year.



Crowland Parish Council (the Council) owns substantial land around the town, most of which is ancient farm land let to a mix of local farmers.

Like all local councils, the Council is under increasing pressure to deliver historical, or better, levels of service to the parish, within squeezed incomes. At the same time, facilities are aging and need capital investment in the medium term.

Crowland is an expanding community, and there is demand for better facilities and services, as well as a mix of housing opportunities for local residents.


The Council identified an opportunity to develop the old Thorney Road allotment site, with the financial gain being used to provide a sustainable long term income which in turn will help the Council maintain and provide much needed facilities.  Alongside, the scheme is providing an enhanced allotment garden across James Road and an adjacent location for a new cemetery in the future.

Permission has been granted by Secretary of State to relocate the allotments, outline planning approval given for residential development on the old allotment gardens (now referred to as the Abbey Farm Development), and work is nearing completion on the new allotment site infrastructure.

Seagate Homes submitted an attractive development proposal to the Council and has been selected as the Council’s preferred developer. Seagate are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Council on this unique scheme.

The Council’s involvement is primarily one of landowner but will also become the sole investor in the over 55s bungalows, which will enable the Parish to benefit from the long term rental income.

Seagate Homes will be solely responsible for the design of the development and its implementation, through approvals, construction of properties for open market sales, as well as delivering the affordable social housing element.

The Council’s development, expected to be chalet bungalows, will be offered as open market properties, initially to local over 55s, at open market rents.  Their quality design will be tailored to the needs of the target market, to be let on a long tenancy basis through a letting agency to be chosen nearer the time of completion. 


Both parties are committed to move forward with the proposed scheme as soon as possible.  Approvals are expected by spring 2019, and construction commence later in 2019.

As part of the project Seagate Homes has offered to undertake the refurbishment the existing under 11s playground on the Snowden Field, at the commencement of the project, as a sign of their commitment to the project, subject to contract, to a design agreed with the Council. This is part of the council’s program to upgrade the children’s play equipment as well as the provision of the skate park and, hopefully, a MUGA in the not too distant future.

Allotment tenants will be relocating by the Autumn 2018.


Skate Park

The Parish Council is currently working with Crowland Skate Park Group to design, fundraise and commission a skate park for the use of the young (and not so young) people of the town.

More information will be posted as progress is made.


We periodically experience spates of vandalism at Snowden Field.

The Parish Council asks that if anyone notices any vandalism (or even the vandals at work), that they report it to the Parish Clerk and the police on 101.

Snowden Pavilion

The Parish Council is currently investigating different ways of upgrading the Snowden Pavilion to enable it to be used by more members of the community.

A lot of Crowlanders remember when lots of activities and events took place in this building - dance classes, art classes, mums and tots groups, group fundraising events, family parties.  This type of usage is something that we are aiming to bring back - the outlook from the pavilion onto the Snowden field is magnificent and a worthy backdrop to many events.

The first stage of the improvements has been new toughened windows fitted looking onto the field.  This will mean that when the building is used, the shutters can be removed and the whole feel of the building changed. This was completed in time for Crowland Show.

The carpet in the main room has been cleaned.  The room is now looking a lot brighter and fresher.

The kitchen has now been updated and is looking fantastic.

New shutters have been installed on the windows facing onto the field.  The windows have been repaired, which means that once again, when the building is hired, the field can be viewed from inside.

As more improvements are approved, we will keep you updated.