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Most people clean up after their dog. 



 Environmental Health, North Kesteven District Council on 01529 414155  


It's been several years since this heading was used, but the state of Digby's pavements and footpaths and verges has gradually started to become unacceptable once again due to uncollected dog dirt.

This can cause blindness in children if they touch it and then rub their eyes. It also has health issues to adults, including cramps, diarrhoea and intestinal illness.

There are 7 dedicated dog bins around the village, plus a chained black bin on Harrowby Close, and 8 normal litter bins. (It is acceptable for bagged dog waste to go in a litter bin, but preferable to use a lidded dog bin).

Government legislation provides for a spot fine of £80, which can be escalated to £1,000 by a court, rising to £1500 if not paid promptly, with a final escalation up to £2,500. There is news of legislation being discussed this year for spot fines of £100 if a dog walker has no bag or bags in his or her pocket.

The responsible dog owners, of which there are many, are being undermined by those who can't be bothered, and young children are being put at risk.

If you can identify an offender, please call the District Council on 01529 308308, or 01529 414155, who will start the enforcement procedure. Photographic evidence is always useful.

Don’t just say ‘well there’s already some there so what does it matter’

Please pick up after your dog, think of others and have pride in the village.

Thank you.                                      Digby Parish Council