Minutes of Meeting held on 17th May 2016 at 7.00pm

at the Fraiser Room, Surfleet.


Councillors: Cllr Glynn Waltham (Chairman), Mary Hurst, Allen Dobney, Keith Charlesworth, Mike Chapman (left at 7.15pm), Judy Chapman, Brian Templeman, and Gillian Gerrans.

In attendance: District Cllr Sally-Ann Slade and Granville Hawkes (Clerk).





Apologies for absence: Cllr Dennis and District Cllr Elizabeth Sneath.


Public Forum:

No members of the public present.

Charli Morley Youth & Community Development worker for Boston & SHDC gave an overview of how her team can help and support local youth groups – our contact is Darren Bisby-Boyd.


Appointment of Chairman, Vice Chairman officers & representatives for the ensuing year:

Chairman BT/AD nominated GW

JC/MC nominated MH,

GW was elected by 5 votes to 3.

Vice Chaiman GW/AD nominated MC who accepted

Planning officers MH,JC,MH.

Cemetery overseers MC/BT

Celebrate Surfleet JC

JC requested an updated list of contact details.



Approve minutes of the meeting held on 29th March 2016 and matters arising:

These had been previously distributed and were signed as a true record there were no matters arising.


Clerks report on matters outstanding:

The Clerk reported that all items were covered on the agenda


Police matters:

PCSO Sally Pusey apologised as she was delayed by work commitments – there were no issues from members.


Highway matters

  1. The Clerk reported that the second interactive camera was now in operation. A bracket had been installed in Reservoir Road but the removable post was still outstanding.

  2. MH has reported pothole problems to Lincs Highways but no action had been taken. AD advised ongoing issues in Park Lane which MH will report to Pode Hole.

  3. JC will report street lights not working in Station Road to SHDC.




Reports from representatives of outside bodies:

GG reported that the village hall had installed the new kitchen costing £2,800, and bookings for the hall were high.

JC advised that there was a guitar concert at the church on 09/09/2016, and the fete in September.


Cemetery matters:

BT reported that the rabbit problem was growing and after discussion members agreed for BT to contact a pest controller for advice on a solution.



Finance report:

Members agreed for the following cheques to be issued,

100825 Clerk salary April £ 214.25

100826 Clerk salary May £ 224.77

100827 A Rhodes £ 29.00

100828 Addelsee burial refund £ 140.00

100829 Came & CO £ 377.45

100830 LALC £ 357.72

100831 St Laurence church £ 60.00

100832 J Chapman £ 18.52

100833 Dacy plumbing £ 60.00

100834 Surfleet village hall £ 700.00

The Clerk presented the bank reconciliation and Bank balances which members agreed.

Members agreed renewal of the insurance with Came & Co.

The Clerk reported that the 2015-2106 audit figures were completed and members agreed the annual governance statement section 1 and accounting statement section 2 for the chairman to sign.



Planning application and decisions:

MH advised that the planning sub-committee would look at organising a public consultation event later in the year to determine the level of local interest in completing a neighbourhood plan.


Surfleet village hall kitchen:

The Clerk reported an email from Frances Dalton advising that the cost of installing the new kitchen was £700 and members agreed to fund this for which a cheque was drawn at the meeting.


Members reports:

GG – advised that the school had purchased a defibrillator that needed installing and the Clerk agreed to find out the best way to fund this.

JC Congratulated the school on a good ofsted report. The litter pick was organised but turn out was poor. The Beacon lighting was well attended by 100 parishioners.



The Clerk confirmed that emails/letters had been circulated to members or discussed on the agenda as per the attached appendix.


Surfleet Reservoir notice boards:

The Clerk had failed to discover what group if any was responsible so had arranged with MC for the damaged board to be repaired. A second board had been removed to BT as it was very damaged but the writing part was intact and potentially repairable.



The Clerk reported that he had attended a meeting with D Whyles accompanied by KC as per the attached report. Members discussed the best way forward as they are concerned at the make up of the trustees for Sparc and Glen Park. Members asked the Clerk to write to the Chairman to request,

  • Details of current trustees.

  • Copy of minutes of meetings for the last 12 months

  • Who are people on the management committee and who do they represent.

  • Date of the last and next AGM

  • Copy of the latest constitution.


Emergency planning:

The Clerk reported an email from S Whitton of Lincs Fire & Rescue she will provide responses from interested parties to the circulated leaflet.


Any other business:

GG – reported a letter from J Kitchen who advised that the steps on the MacMillan way footpath near the A16 are slippery and a handrail would help users. Members agreed for the Clerk to contact the Environment agency.


Date of the next meeting:

Tuesday 28th June 2016

The Chairman closed the meeting at 20.35pm

Signed:……………………………………………….. Date:……………………..