Minutes of Meeting held on 19th January 2016

at the Fraiser Room, Surfleet.


Councillors: Cllr Glynn Waltham (Chairman), Mary Hurst, Allen Dobney (left at 19.37pm), Keith Charlesworth, Mike Chapman, Judy Chapman, and Gillian Gerrans.

In attendance Granville Hawkes (Clerk) and four members of the public.





Apologies for absence: Cllr Templeman, District Councillors Elizabeth Sneath and Sally Ann Slade.


Public Forum:

Mr Smith asked if the data recorded on the interactive traffic cameras was published. The Chairman confirmed that the cameras do not record data.

Representatives of Sparc took questions from Councillors about the future of Glen Park and the artificial playing surface having provided some financial information prior to the meeting. The Chairman thanked them for their attendance and agreed that the parish council would discuss the position during the meeting.


Approve minutes of the meeting held on 17th November and 15th December 2015 and matters arising:

These had been previously distributed and were signed as a true record.

AD proposed and GG seconded a resolution to co opt Malcolm Dennis onto the parish council which members agreed.


Clerks report on matters outstanding:

The Clerk reported that he had tried to contact all parties about the information boards at Surfleet sluice without success.. The Clerk has received details of a Mr Irven Forbes at the Environment agency and will contact him.



Police matters:

In the absence of the Police there was no report.


Highway matters

  1. MH reported that she had contacted LCC about the street light at the junction of Reservoir road and Surfleet Seas End and was advised we could install a taller light at a cost of £1,200 which members felt was not value for money.

  2. MH reported that she was disappointed at the poor communication about the rubbish collection for the Monday after Xmas. Members agreed for the Clerk to write to SHDC.

  3. MC asked that the Clerk proceed with an order to purchase a second speed camera and chase for a response to the need for a post in Surfleet Seas End.




Reports from representatives of outside bodies:

JC reported that she and MC attended the Celebrate Surfleet AGM. The fete is to be on 4th September and a concert at the church on 11th September.

JC will arrange to advertise a litter pick for April in the Church magazine and this will include washing the bus shelters.



Cemetery matters:

MC reported that the rabbit problem seems to have gone.


Finance report:

Members agreed for the following cheque to be issued,

100818 Clerk salary January £ 200.41

The Clerk presented the bank reconciliation and breakdown of actual expenditure to budget as attached which members agreed.

The Clerk advised that the internal auditor Graham Coad was to retire at the end of January and members agreed for the Clerk to contact Godfrey Parkes to take over.

Sparc: members discussed the situation as debated during the public forum. The Chairman advised that if the council increases the parish precept we will need to undertake a public consultation. Members agreed that a further meeting was needed with Sparc representatives and agreed that GW, MC, MH, KC and the Clerk attend. The Clerk will contact Sparc to arrange.




Planning application and decisions:

MH expressed concern about the delay in a decision on the Sunnydale Close application (AD expressed an interest). SHDC advised there will be no decision before 27th April planning committee whilst options on a sustainable drainage system are considered.

The meeting to consult parishionners about future planning development in the village will now be delayed until after the planning event in the village by SHDC in February.



The Clerk confirmed that emails/letters had been circulated to members or discussed on the agenda.


Members reports:

AD – nothing.

MH – nothing.

KC – nothing.

GW – nothing.

MC – advised that the bus shelter opposite School Crescent appears to have been damaged and then repaired.

GG – had received a phone call from Mrs Rowe about a message left on the parish phone and it was agreed the Clerk write to apologise about the delayed response.

JC – advised that we should light the beacon for the Queens 90th birthday in April and June which members agreed.



SHDC smoke free play areas:

The Clerk reported that he had emailed to confirm the councils support.


Emergency teams(snow wardens):

The Clerk had circulated a template from LCC and members agreed to discuss at the next meeting.


Any other business:

The Clerk reported correspondence from the Boundary Commission their draft recommendations can be reviewed at

South East Lincs Local Plan public consultation on a draft document can be reviewed at Hard copy is due to be sent to the Clerk.

Members agreed to invite Steve Stephens the Youth & Community Developement worker to a future meeting.



Date of the next meeting:

Tuesday 15th March 2016.


The meeting closed at 20.45 pm.

Signed:……………………………………………….. Date:……………………..