Minutes of Meeting held on 28th June 2016 at 7.00pm

at the Fraiser Room, Surfleet.


Councillors: Cllr Glynn Waltham (Chairman), Mary Hurst, Malcolm Dennis, Keith Charlesworth, Mike Chapman, Judy Chapman, and Gillian Gerrans.

In attendance: Lee Russell, Granville Hawkes (Clerk) and 8 members of the public.





Apologies for absence: Cllrs Dobney, Templeman, District Cllr Sally-Ann Slade and the Police.


Public Forum:

Mr Dobney advised that the house on the top junction of Woods Lane had removed their railings and replaced with pots which obscured the view and parked cars were also a problem. Members agreed for Cllr Hurst and the Clerk to report to Highways and the Police.

Lee Russell gave a presentation regarding the planning application H17-0562-16 land off Station Road andd confirmed the density for 30 houses was similar to Kingfisher Drive, he took questions from members of the public for what is an outline application. Members expressed some concern about additional traffic at the A16 junction and questions were taken from the floor.



Approve minutes of the meeting held on 17th May 2016 and matters arising:

These had been previously distributed and were signed as a true record. Cllr Hurst reported that the drain cleaner had been booked for Park Lane.


Clerks report on matters outstanding:

The Clerk reported that he had been referred by the Environment Agency to Lincs CC Highways about the A16 steps and he will follow this up.



Police matters:

The new PCSO Colin Abbotts by email reported a burglary at Surfleet Primary school, criminal damage in Station Road and a tractor fire in Gubboles Drove. There were no issues from members.



The Clerk reported further information from Doug Whyles that had been supplied by email. Members expressed concern about providing ongoing funding on an annual basis via the parish council precept. However it is recognised that the park is an asset to the village and needs support. Members agreed to propose to meet the cost of the park and play area maintenance from 2016-2017 for which the Clerk will organise a public consultation on the 23rd September in the village hall.



Highway matters

  1. The Clerk reported that the removable post should be installed in Surfleet Seas End in July.

  2. MH advised that the large bush growing on Surfleet Road bridge had been reported

  3. KC advised that the 30mph signs in Station Road had been cleaned.


Reports from representatives of outside bodies:



Cemetery matters:

MC reported that PPM had been engaged to trap the rabbits in the cemetery. GW also advised that it was understood that a disease was circulating amongst rabbits which will control the population going forward.

MC also reported a tree on the left of the cemetery was dead and had been referred to SHDC as there is a preservation order in force, quotes will be obtained for removal.


Finance report:

Members agreed for the following cheques to be issued,

100835 Clerk salary June £ 203.92

100836 Tower mint £ 295.56 vat £49.26

100837 G P audit services £ 126.50

100838 Malc Firth £ 432.00 vat £72.00

100839 Lady Fraiser charit £ 42.00

The Clerk presented the bank reconciliation and Bank balances which members agreed.

Members agreed renewal of the insurance with Came & Co.

The Clerk reported that the 2015-2106 audit figures were with Grant Thornton for audit.


Planning application and decisions:

MH advised that the Sunnydale Close application went to SHDC planning committee on 25/05/2016 but was not on the agenda – was discussed but any decision again delayed.

MH reported that the planning committee were organising a Neighbourhood Planning workshop on 17th July at the village hall. This is a public meeting with Community Lincs, CPRE and a planning officer. MH has signed up with village SOS and has funding of £1,250 to publicise the event to see if there is community interest to start at which point further funding would be available. Poster will be circulated and promotion on the parish website.


Surfleet reservoir notice boards:

JC reported that the artwork cannot be found but the parish council can take ownership. Both boards are repairable and JC and MC will obtain quotes from Mr Rowbottom.


Members reports:

MC – expressed concern at the state of the riverbanks and height of the grass – the Clerk will report.

MC reported that he the Chairman and JC had presented coins at the primary school to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday and were very impressed with the school and the children.



Emergency planning:

No update.



The Clerk confirmed that emails/letters had been circulated to members or discussed on the agenda as per the attached appendix.


Any other business:

The Clerk reported that he had reviewed and observed the requirements of the new pension regulations.


Date of the next meeting:

Tuesday 13th September 2016

The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.05pm

Signed:……………………………………………….. Date:……………………..