Minutes of Meeting held on 29th March 2016 following the Annual Parish meeting

at the Fraiser Room, Surfleet.


Councillors: Cllr Glynn Waltham (Chairman), Mary Hurst, Keith Charlesworth (arrived 7.10pm), Mike Chapman, Judy Chapman, Brian Templeman, Malcolm Dennis and Gillian Gerrans.

In attendance Granville Hawkes (Clerk).





Apologies for absence: Cllr Dobney and District Cllr Sally-Ann Slade.


Public Forum:

No members of the public present.


Approve minutes of the meeting held on 19th January 2016 and matters arising:

These had been previously distributed and were signed as a true record there were no matters arising.


Clerks report on matters outstanding:

The Clerk reported that all items were covered on the agenda


Police matters:

PCSO Sally Pusey apologised for missing the January meeting. She confirmed that she will keep an eye on Glen Park following a complaint from a parishionner to the Clerk. Terry Pell is available to do community speed watch data recording. Some local businesses have had break ins locally targetting vending machines.


Highway matters

  1. MH received details of pothole problems which will be reported to LCC Highways.

  2. The Clerk reported that he had ordered the second speed camera. The existing camera will be moved at the next battery recharging and 30mph passive signs put up in the village.


Reports from representatives of outside bodies:

GG reported that the village hall were installing a new kitchen costing £2,800 and figures will be sent to the Clerk confirming the installation cost so that the parish council can discuss providing financial help at the next meeting.

MC advised that the Police liaison panels will not be continued as they were not felt to be cost effective.



Cemetery matters:

MC reported that in 2015 four members of a family reserved burial spaces at £75 each and two members of the family wanted to return them to the parish council. Members agreed that the Clerk refund the original cost less a £10 administration fee.



Finance report:

Members agreed for the following cheques to be issued,

100823 Unipart Dorman £ 2,114.40 vat £352.40

100824 SHDC £ 86.96

The Clerk presented the bank reconciliation and Bank balances which members agreed.

Sparc: The Clerk confirmed that his notes and those of Sparc for the 16th February meeting with Sparc had been circulated to members before the meeting. The Chairman had agreed to meet the repair bill for the play equipment quoted at the original meeting at £1,700, the subsequent quote from Playdale totalled £2,931.66. This figure included £1,700 for play bark. Members agreed for Cllr M Chapman to follow up initial enquiries to obtain a cheaper play bark quotation. The parish council has also indicated that we would consider taking over the grass cutting contract and members agreed for the Clerk to liaise with Cllr M Chapman to draw up a specification to go out to tender.




Planning application and decisions:

MH advised that the Seas End Road application which was declined has now gone to appeal.

MH and JC reported that they attended a neighbourhood planning workshop. Funding is available to meet the cost of a local plan and Janet Clark at Community Lincs had offered to help source funding.

This initiative is being supported by the Department for Communities and Local Government. There would be a lot of work to follow through the process and a local committee of interested people would need to be set up. Members agreed that the planning sub-committee look at organising a public consultation event later in the year to determine the level of local interest.






The Clerk confirmed that emails/letters had been circulated to members or discussed on the agenda as per the attached appendix.


Members reports:

There were no members reports.


SHDC smoke free play areas:

The Clerk reported that he had emailed to confirm the councils support.


The Queens 90th birthday celebrations:

JC reported that the Beacon will be lit at 8.00pm on 21st April. Home made soup will be provided and members agreed to support financially to meet the cost up to £250. Members also agreed for the Clerk to purchase 120 commemorative coins to be presented to the primary school children – JC will liaise with the school.



Annual litter pick:

JC advised will be on 16th April,meet at village hall at 10.00am.


Emergency planning:

JC and MC attended a meeting to discuss emergency planning procedures, a leaflet has been distributed via the parish magazine. The leaflet seeks responses from interested parties and MC will follow up with LCC to analyse the number and type of replies.


Any other business:

KC requested a list of Councillor email addresses.

The Clerk reported a letter from LCC advising that the footbridge redecking will start on 16th May for two weeks. The Clerk will contact the Environment agency about cutting back unwanted growth under the footbridge.

MC requested clarification about expenses payments and the clerk will contact LALC for advice.




Date of the next meeting:

Tuesday 17th May 2016


The Chairman closed the meeting at 21.10pm

Signed:……………………………………………….. Date:……………………..