A statement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Parish level

Dear Residents of Fosdyke,

As most/all of you are aware, Fosdyke, Boston, Lincolnshire, the UK and the World are in the midst of a pandemic the likes not seen for over a hundred years. As such, no-one alive has seen an event like this and can’t tell us how to go about daily business. So, best practise led by experts that have studied these matters seems to be the reasonable approach.

We, as a Parish Council have had no correspondence from the Borough/County level regarding how Parishes and Parish Councillors should proceed in the matter.

Our ‘Parish Level’ recommended best advice so far seems to be:

Listen to the daily briefings by our Prime Minster, CMO and the Chief Scientific Advisor and react accordingly.

Social distancing.

Wash your hands.

Every Parish Councillor of Fosdyke “signed up” because, at the end of the day they had a want to serve the people of our village, never more so than now. We will endeavour to do what we can, when we can to help. Also, we as a Parish need to help each other and the Parish Council may be required to co-ordinate help and support our villagers. Communication will be key to keeping our village in the best shape it can be, in the beginning, middle and after this event. And maybe re-enter the best kept village competition afterwards. If/when we have more viable information to pass on we will use the Fosdyke Parish Council website, this Facebook page and the Village noticeboard. Please pass on this statement to the people in the village that you know have no means of online communication or ability to get to the noticeboard as safely as possible.

Our “Village” of Fosdyke has been around a long time and will still be around after this pandemic.

If anyone has serious need, please don’t be afraid to contact the Chairman (John Cropley) 07836562411 OR Parish Clerk (Wendy Depear) and we will endeavour to help the best we can.

Coronavirus: What you need to do

The latest information from national government in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak:

Coronavirus: Community help and volunteering

If you are a member of the community that requires support you can request help online at: or dial 01522 782189 for assistance


You can also volunteer to help on Lincolnshire County Council's website at: or by calling 01522 782189.


Fosdyke Parish Council