Freiston Poor Estate

FREISTON POOR ESTATE is a registered charity (registration number 238098) and registered at 21 Sea Lane, Butterwick, Boston, Lincs PE22 0HG which is the residence of the clerk Mrs Joan Barnes. 

The charity comprises of:

The Charity of Roger Maners, founded in the year 1590
The Charity of Simon Guy, founded in the year 1656
The Charity of William Pishey, founded in the year 1658
The Charity of William Swift, founded in the year 1669
The Charity known as the Town’s Estate, comprised in a deed poll dated the 12th November 1679
The Charity of John Harland, founded in the year 1685
The Charity of John Anton, founded by will dated the 4th September 1689
The Charity of Thomas Truesdale, founded in the year 1694
The Charity of William Packharnis, founded in the year 1715
The Charity known as the Town Lands (No.1)
The Charity known as the Town Lands (No.2), founded between the years 1715 and 1719
The Charity of James Mason, founded by will proved at Lincoln on the 11th December 1719
The Charity of Mary Mason, founded in the year 1720
The Charity of John Holden for Bread for the Poor, founded by will of John Holden dated the 25th June 1723
The Charity of John Holden for Two of the Poorest Inhabitants founded by the said will of John Holden
The Charity of Benjamin Moorfoot, founded by will dated the 21st November 1727
The Charity of William Harwood, founded by will dated the 12th September 1731.


The charity owns approximately 56 acres of land within the parishes of Freiston and Butterwick.  There are six holdings each let to individual tenants of varying areas.  Rent is payable either half yearly or yearly,

Up until 2006 the charity owned two adjoining cottages in the village.  When both became vacant at the same time, and no tenants were forthcoming, the charity, with the co-operation of the Charity Commissioners, sold the properties and the money is now invested.

Once proper costs and expenses of and incidental to the administration and management of the Charity have been paid all monies received from rents and interest are divided between the senior citizens of the parish who make an application for funds.

In 2006 local students attending higher education were also given the opportunity to make an application for a grant.


The trustees at 22nd November 2011 are as follows:

Mr Nigel Marshall (Chairman)
Mr Roy Pearson, Mr Simon Pearson, Mrs Bridgett Posey
Revd Andrew Higginson (ex-officio)


(last updated Nov 2016)